The Forgotten City – Cheat Codes (Console Commands)

Console commands and cheats for The Forgotten City.

Entering the Console

By default you can open the command console with

  • ` (Tilde)

However, this depends on your region and may be set to a variety of different keys, including @ or ö.

Also even when set to it’s default ` the key might not work.

  • To get the console up without finding out what the key is and make it working if it doesn’t;
  • Go into the settings menu of the game, go to bindings and set the Game Console key to something simple like ‘k’ or ‘/’ or whatever key you want.
  • Then press that key ingame to bring up the console window, press it again to toggle the full console window history, and a third time to close the console window.

Console Commands

Makes you fly and phase through objects (toggle on / off)ghost
Makes you fly and phase through objects (toggle on / off)noclip
Set gamespeed # (1 = default 0.5 = slow motion 9 = very fast) (Impacts both your own movement speed and the ingame world)slomo 5
Immortal (has to be re-enabled after every new cycle)god
Gives you the default flashlightgive flashlight
Gives you a bowgive bow
Gives you the golden bowgive bow_gold
Gives 5 arrows. Replace 5 with any numbergive bow_arrow 5
Gives 5 bullets. Replace 5 with any numbergive ammo 5
Gives 5 Denarii (coins). Replace 5 with any numbergive coin 5

Note: Console Commands don’t seem to disable achievements.

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