The Genesis Project – Building Guide

This Guide is for people that have problems with making their own House in TGP.


First thing you want to do is to is to click “House Creator” on the server selection.


After selecting “House Creation” you will be teleported to blank space. You will create your House here.

At the bottom right corner of the screen you will have the “BUILD” button.

Click it to enter the BUILDING MODE.


  • N/B – Rotate Object’s
  • R/T – Rotate Camera
  • WASD – Move Camera


  • Select
  • Revise
  • Deploy
  • Bulldoze
  • Phernalia Registry (In short PR)
  • Explore Atheneum (In short EAM)

Creating a Room (Revise / Bulldoze Tool Guide)

To create a room you have to click the “Revise” button.

After that select the the space on the floor to create a room using your mouse.

If you wish to change the room’s size or remove it.

You have to use the “Bulldoze” Tool.

Select The Space of the Room that you want to remove and boom.

Adding Decorations (Deploy Tool Guide)

Decorations In the house are a very important thing, some of the objects are totally useless and some are very important for the gameplay. To add Decorations Select the “Deploy” Tool.

After Selecting Deploy you will have a list of Objects that you can use To decorate your room.

Stuff to Know

It’s recommended by me to always add a computer from deploy list to your room, its needed for the sburb disc obviously.

(PR Guide)

AP as for me is the most usless tool.

It’s used to spawn mobs or Item spawner wich is not really useful EAM Is more useful than this but i dunno

You can use item spawner by adding a ID Code.

Adding Item’s to Your House (EAM Tool Guide)

Adding items Is Hella Important

If you will skip this part your house will probably not be useable in any way.

Use the “EAM” Tool to add some Items.

Items Recommended to Add

  • Sledge hammer / Knife or any basic weapon for early game
  • Sburb Disc (A Must Spawn In House Item)
  • Laptop (Optional but useful)

After adding your items you can hide them around in chests you added in your house or leave them on the floor.

(Back Ground Guide)

Back ground is a optional thing to add but its useful because i think you don’t want a house on a blank space right? Well use the “BG” Button to add one.

Saving Your House

Finally YOU are done making your house

But what to do now?

Well save it and use it in a session obviusly.

To save your House you have to go into Builder Mode and click on this button in left upper corner.

Now name the file , click save and you’re done you will have your house on the house selection list in a session.

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