The King of Fighters XV – How to Fix the Game

Guide to Fix the Game

Fix Number 1

Uninstall Geforce NOW from your PC.

Fix Number 2

  1. Put -dx11 in launch options.
  2. Add -dx11 to the shortcut exe file.

How to Do That

Right click the game in your steam library > General > type -dx11 in your launch options.
If you want to change it in the game files you need to.

Right click the game in your steam library > Local files > Browse > Right click KOFX_Steam.exe > Create shortcut > Right click on the shortcut > Properties > In the target at the end of the sentence add a spacebar and -dx11 so it should look like this at the end KOFXV_Steam.exe” -dx11 (This is only the end and not the full sentence remember) the quotation marks need to stay there > Click apply > Close all the tabs and try starting the game.

For me it didnt start at all and uninstalling Geforce NOW helped.

Written by Kunini

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