The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky the 3rd – The Dadliest Achievement Guide

Details for how to beat Cassius Bright on Nightmare for The Dadliest achievement.

How to Obtain The Dadliest Achievement

Detailed Guide for Getting The Dadliest Achievement

I couldn’t find much help anywhere on exactly how to best approach the fight with Cassius Bright. I struggled to get this achievement, so I decided to write my own guide to help others. This was the hardest achievement for me to get. For this guide, I’m assuming you are progressed enough to teleport to the room just before Cassius. This took maybe 2-3 hours of farming, and that’s with Turbo 3x on most of the time.

You’ll need a very high speed stat (ideally 170+) to stand a chance against Cassius. You’re required to use Kevin and Richard. The remaining characters are up to you, but I settled on Olivier for his spellcasting, and Reis for her Holy Blessing craft that heals 50CP (will be important later). In order to get high speed, you should equip all characters with a Kitty Suit, Heat Resistant Boots, and a Fool’s Emblem. See below for details on acquiring these items.

Farming the Necessary Equipment

While farming, be sure to have Josette set as your support character and somebody with the Luck quartz. I can’t remember if I had Bleublanc’s Cape at this point or not, but use it if you have it.

First, teleport to 6th Plane Erbe Scenic Route, go fight the statue (Sudorudo Talos) until you’re level 130. I chose this spot because the statue gives a lot of EXP and can’t move, so its easy to surprise attack it if you’re using Haze quartz. Have Kevin + Olivier use Death Scream, and let Richard smack it once or twice. That should be enough to make this fight easy. Respawn the enemy by leaving the screen and coming right back – nice and quick. Rest anytime you run low on EP. With luck, you might get a Kitty Suit here.

Next, go to Sun Door #3 and fight Gilbert until you have 4 Fool’s Emblems. He should be pretty easy at this point and he always drops a Fool’s Emblem. He is the 3rd fight in the first arena battle.

Now you need to get 4 Kitty Suits. The speed they give is more important than the defense from better armor. Cassius will kill you in 1-2 hits regardless of what you’re wearing. You might already have a Kitty Suit or 2, but a good place to farm them is to warp to 5th Plane Umbral Midpoint. Run directly up (NW) and fight the Poltergeist enemies. Kevin’s Death Scream should wipe them all out in 1 cast. After battle, warp to the 5th Plane Umbral Midpoint again to respawn the enemy. Keep fighting until you have 4 Kitty Suits, and rest as needed. Don’t forget Josette for support and Luck quartz to increase your drop rate!

You should already have Heat Resistant Boots from earlier in the game. If you sold them, you may alternatively use Kitty Slippers, Ninja Tabi, or any other shoes that give speed. You’ll probably have a couple of Kitty Slippers and Ninja Tabi from farming the Kitty Suits, as they come from the same enemies.


Once you have 4 Kitty Suits, 4 speed boots, 4 Fool’s Emblems, and are level 130, it is time to fight Cassius. Drink from the fountain in the garden to give everyone 200CP, then teleport to 6th Plane Command Center 3F. Equip everyone with a Fool’s Emblem accessory. Equip Richard with a Super Gladiator Headband, and the best weapon you can get for him. Kevin should have the Solar Seal (if available from a finished SC game). For remaining accessories, give everyone something with speed if available. I had 174-184 speed on all characters. Richard will be your main damage dealer. Set Mueller as your Support character for the extra speed. Cook some Swingwiches for CP Heals, Amazing & Sparkling, and Fish Skewers for the stat buffs and heals, to be used as necessary. Don’t hesitate to use your Zeram items in battle.

For positioning, I had everybody grouped up in the corner. During combat, Richard knocked Cassius away,and he mostly focused on Richard with single attacks.

For Quartz, top to bottom, Kevin had: Onyx Gem, Water Gem, Gold Gem, Sapphire Gem, Topaz Gem, Wind Gem, Cast 2. Richard had: Ruby Gem, Water Gem, Strike, Topaz Gem, Move 3, Cast 2, Onyx Gem. Olivier had: Silver Gem, Gold Gem, Cast 2, Divine Eye, Onyx Gem, Sapphire Gem, Topaz Gem. Reis had Silver Gem, Onyx Gem, Sapphire Gem, Water Gem, Wind Gem, Cast 2, Poison 2. You may alter as you see fit, but the intent is for everyone to have Cast 2, Earth Guard, at least 2-3 characters with Clock Up EX, somebody with Athelas, and somebody with La Tear-All. You should also have Zodiac, or at least have somebody who can cast Saint or Forte on Richard. If that is unavailable to you, use some food item on Richard for increased attack. Remember to heal and have 200CP if you haven’t already done so, save your game, take a deep breath, then go into Cassius’s room.


This is an endurance fight. Don’t lose your composure: stay calm and take things slowly. Sometimes you’ll get unlucky and you’ll need to load and try again. Don’t be discouraged. Begin battle. You should be fast enough to go first. Have Kevin use Grail Sphere immediately. Other characters should begin with Clock Up EX.

Once that is done you should cast Zodiac (or Saint or Forte on Richard). Be sure to prioritize maintaining your Earth Guard above everything else – even have Richard cast it on himself if you need to. Dying is far worse than skipping 1 round of attacking. Have Richard spam his True Luminous Ogre Slash craft. It is really fast, knocks Cassius back, and for me it hit for about 2000. If he runs out of CP, have Reis use Holy Blessing on him, have him eat a Swingwich, or do a basic attack.

The remaining 3 characters should focus on maintaining Earth Guard. If somebody dies, revive them and either cast buffs or feed them food items for the same effect. Pay attention to turn order: you might be able to begin casting Earth Guard/Wall before Cassius’s turn and have it land immediately after. With that in mind, consider casting Earth Wall/Guard just before Cassius’s turn even if you’re already protected. If you’re doing well with Earth Guard, your other characters may cast attack spells, but stick to the basic ones because they’re fastest.

I had Reis use Holy Blessing to top up Richard’s CP (works at long range), and I had other characters feed Reis Swingwiches to top her CP up (doesn’t work at long range). You might also use Kevin’s Sacrifice Arrow, but generally you’re better off keeping his CP for Grail Sphere. Finally, keep an eye on the various turn bonuses, and interrupt Cassius with an S-Craft to prevent him from getting a heal or crit. In time, you’ll knock Cassius down, and if you’re really lucky he won’t use his own speed buff.

Good luck!

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