The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure – Easier “Sully’s Secret Session” Max DP Than Button Mashing

Basic guide to set a button to “Rapid-Fire” with a controller. Helps not hurting your hands.

Method 1: An Approach without Any Rapid Fire

An easier way you can also try doing this quest without “cheating” is to have high speed mode (I did it at Speed 3) active and mashing “X” yourself (PS5).

Credit to “Zoelius” on their neoseeker’s guide for the tip.

Method 2: Using the Ingame “Rapid-Fire”.

Similar to setting up “X” (Xbox controller “A”) as a Rapid-Fire which is what i’ll show next, the game itself has set up the O button (Xbox “B”) to be a rapid fire by default.

The timing isn’t perfect so you may have to try few times but it’s might be possible to do. But I’d recommend against this way cause if you fail and you hold “O” for to long the prompt to try again with pop up and you will skip to the scene after without the Bonus DP leading you having to load an old save.

Method 3: Using Steam’s Controller Layout Tool

What eventually worked for me is after connecting my PS5 controller and steam detecting it, is changing one setting in Steam’s controller layout tool.

While ingame, launch the steam overlay. (shift+tab by default) then at the top right, there should be a link to “Controller Configuration”

A new window should pop up of the controller tool, then click edit layout:

Now click the gear icon next to the A button then settings:

New enable “Hold to Repeat (Turbo)”:

Now time to get those points.

Holding “X” in “High Speed Mode” “speed 3” worked for me on my 3rd attempt.

The game will skip to the next screen if you have done it perfectly or if you failed too many times I think. (15-20 attempts). If you succeed sully should say this:

And you can check if you got the bonus 2 DP when you go to report the quest complete.


I’m playing at 144 fps 2560×1440 borderless, I’m not sure if that affects the timing of the jumps for lower or higher fps/resolution like when I turned the framerate limit to 30, the achievement to get 4000 points in the horror coaster ride seemed easier.

The turbo set to 100 worked eventually but it will probably still take a few tries.

When done remember to turn it off.

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