The Legend of Tianding – Collectibles Guide (Only Tips)

Guide to Collectibles

Collectible 1

  • You need to steal it from rock throwers (in sewer).

Collectible 2

  • It’s a random drop from the vagrants in the sewer. Equip the talisman that increases item drop rate and try stealing from every enemy in the sewer zone.

Collectible 10

  • You need to steal it from shielded police.

Collectible 12

  • You need to steal it from a soldier with a rifle.

Collectible 20

  • Is the ultimate boss stealing.

Collectible 42

  • Just listen to the song in Beimending. It takes about 5 minutes to listen to the trick completely.

Last train collectible

  • One of the birds has a collectible. It’s quite a ways into the level, but you’ll notice the package is not the usual gua bao that others are carrying.


You must complete all side quests to get good ending.

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