The Matriarch – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

In The Matriarch, you don’t have to guess who the traitor is, the roles are defined when the game starts and everyone knows who are the Sinners and who is The Matriarch, instead, the gameplay revolves around pretending to be a NPC, there are NPC doing simple activities and if you’re a sinner you have to pretend to be one of them by emulating their movement pattern.

The player who controls the matriarch has to patrol the map to identify the characters that are controlled by real players. At the end of each turn, The Matriarch can sacrifice one character. Meanwhile, on top of emulating NPCs behavior, the Sinners have to collaborate together to find and unlock the exit. The Matriarch wins if she manages to kill all Sinners before one of them escapes 🙂

As Matr we cannot imprison nuns randomly. They have to be somewhat close to us, and also not at a place where bots can be, ex.: off road.

All the bots have their own station/spot defined so you need experience on the map to shadow their moves, otherwise will be busted!

Matriarch only can put someone in jail if the nun is acting realy weird, out of the expected bot’s movement. There is nothing to do once you are trapped.

Matriarch can kill 3 random nuns as per her decision just once per round, not everyday.

The ghosts only have the “power” to take her attention, nothing else.

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