The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare – Survivor / Burn Baby Burn Achievements Guide

Guide to get these achievements easier in solo mode.

Survivor Achievement

Start a no bots / invite only lobby.

  1. Go to the map Deep Frezze
  2. Stay exactly in the “X” mark shown in the screenshot
  3. Aim at the red area and shoot, your life will be between 5 and 13 life points

(Wait a few minutes for the bazooka to recharge and fire again until the achievement appears).

Burn Baby Burn Achievement

In the same map, melt the ice cube as usual and go to the objective, now you want to aim your flamethrower at THIS SPECIFIC SPOT marked in the screenshot.


Turns out you can keep gaining points even after you win the game, example…

Normally at the end of the game melting the ice cube with the T-Rex on it gives you something between 130 to 135 points.

Aiming at that specific spot and CONTINUING TO HOLD THE MOUSE BUTTON even after the game is over gives you something between 140 and 155+

It’s not much, but it’s useful for those trying to grind these achievements.

Thx for reading my guide!

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