The One Who Pulls Out The Sword Will Be Crowned King – Become The King The Easy Peezy Way without Using Third Party Software

This guide will show you the easiest way to pull the sword from the stone without using third party software.

You Won’t Even Break a Sweat, and You’ll Be King in 2 Minutes Flat

Things you need to understand before you can be King…

First, some controllers allow you to move the mouse cursor on your computer by moving the right analog stick. In most cases, opening a game in Steam Big Picture will provide this functionality to your controller.

The second thing to understand about this game is that it will periodically “poll” the inputs of the mouse and compare it to the distance traveled by the sword. If the sword has traveled a certain distance or been in the process of being removed for a certain length of time, the mouse cursor will need to have moved LEFT OR RIGHT in addition to the upward motion of removing the sword.

If the game detects that the sword is being pulled straight out of the rock without any mouse “jitter” it considers this a cheat method and will automatically drop the sword from your hand.

To get around this, you need to launch your game from Steam Big Picture mode and have your controller ready. We will be using both the mouse and the controller in tandem.

Go to the settings menu and change the sensitivity of the cursor to 900%.

Next, if you have the ability to do so, lower the DPI of your mouse to something like 400dpi.

Then, jump into either Online or Offline play (doesn’t matter) and place your cursor on the Cross Guard of the sword as seen in one of the provided screenshots.

Click and hold the left mouse button on this spot and then push the RIGHT ANALOG STICK on the controller to the UP position to start the sword being removed. It can be a tad bit touchy at first until you get the hang of pushing the joystick straight up without side to side movement.

Then, while you’re holding the analog stick UP and the sword is being removed, move your mouse the SLIGHTEST bit LEFT AND RIGHT in order to trick the game’s anti-cheat mechanism into believing the controller is a valid mouse input. I suggest moving the mouse left and right within the space noted in the second screenshot of this guide.

The sword should start coming out pretty quickly and the tiny movements of the mouse will be the missing piece in your quest to becoming the King.

Keep at it and eventually you’ll have removed the sword. Right now, at difficulty 5000 for online play, it should take roughly 2 minutes to remove the sword completely.

If you liked this guide, hit me with those awards and I’ll make sure you don’t lose your head.

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