The Pegasus Expedition – Combat Tips

Tips to Combat

Artillery are the most expensive unit and they seem to contribute more than their CP worth in battles where they provide unhindered long-range support, in my experience anyway. If I’m losing a battle there’s usually enemy Artillery off to the side. This makes sense because they have the highest DPS, so if they are allowed to fire continuously you’re being hit by glass cannons. MIRV, having more Arty than them and spreading out your fleet are probably the obvious counters to that.

Re capital ships, they do get destroyed when you run them down to 0% retreat chance, however the admiral gets a new T1 for “free”(low hp), just like your own when you lose them. To kill admirals you have to give them literally nowhere to flee to.

Biggest tip I will give new players having watched just 1-2 videos of people playing this game. When you get attacked, defend with your Garrison fleets, not with your main fleets unless there’s a significant reason to.

Reason being:

  1. It costs you time & resources to repair your main fleets but garrisons just need time.
  2. Your garrison fleet is often stronger than your main fleet if its already weakened. I see players defending with a fleet weaker than their garrison fleet and no MIRVs etc and it makes me facepalm.
  3. If you lose with your main fleet, your garrison fleet is getting 100% destroyed anyway, they cannot retreat. If your garrison fleet loses, your main fleet will FTL away taking just 15-50% damage.

Tbh I think some might make this error because they missed the tooltip that says you have to choose which fleet to defend with.

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