The Sirena Expedition – How to Unlock The Spook Expedition (Secret Mode)

A guide on how to unlock the secret mode called “The Spook Expedition”.

How to Unlock the Spook Expedition

You can unlock a new mode by inputting the correct directional inputs at the end of the game where you see a shrine.

Before you jump into the pool at the end of the game you will see a shrine (in the room with all the dead guys, stand on the area with the arrows and then input the directional inputs below.

You will see the directions light up, if you get the code wrong you will need to spam the directions randomly until you hear the main character mention that the code is incorrect. Then you can attempt to input the code again.

  • Down Up Left Left
  • Up Left Up Right
  • Up Right Down Left

A cut-scene will play, then just complete the game as normal.

At the main menu you will see the option to hit the right directional key to select The Spook Expedition which has different puzzles.

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  1. I was confused about what Spook is. My first thought was that it looked like a bunny stuffed animal. After reaching the very end where you learn that the woman, spook and eyes are all the same person, I think spook is just a living stuffed animal. She was able to take any form she wanted.

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