The Spirit and the Mouse – How to Obtain Take a Break Achievement

A guide on how to unlock the “Take a Break” achievement.

Take a Break Achievement Guide

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General Information

To unlock this achievement you need to talk to all Kibblin of East and North during their break (Kishine doesn’t count, they are never in a break).

You can validate this achievement at two moments in the game:

  • Before starting the West residence quest, but the door has opened.
  • After the West residence quest is complete.

Spoilers below!

Kibblins are on a break just after you open the west residence, talking to them at that moment will trigger the flag for the achievement.

However, if you start the West Residence quest, Kilearn will spawn into west, and you can’t validate them for the achievement until after the quest. Same for Kidive.

The recruitment dialogue for Kibblins doesn’t count as the “Break” dialogue. This means that if you haven’t completed this achievement before starting that quest, you’ll have to wait until you complete “The Woman and the Stars”.

East Street


Find Kicable on the wood beam above the bar of the Cafe in East Street.


Kilearn is in the backalley stairs in East Street. If they are not there, you have to complete the “The Woman and the Stars” quest.

The Kids

The three Kids count as one for the achievement. You’ll find them on a very high pergola in East Street. To access it, take the wire that go to Sophie’s, a travel through the roof in the direction of the Café.


Kipost is sitting on a box at ground level in the main street, in front of the hotel, near the pergola.


Kicoach is on the bench in the main street.

Kisprint is running around the neighborhood, you can shock them to stop them.

You have to speak to both of them.

North Town


Kidive is near the “PHARMACIE” sign. Go near the last letter (“E”) and look around the corner.


Kiscribe is near their original position. Near the Pizzeria menu glass case. On ground level.


Kihack is at the same place as they were before. Near the Artist’s Kibblin-Box.


Kiboss and Kifix are on the pergola above Eugene’s (The artist). To get there, fall down through the wiremesh, accessible by walking on the wooden beam right of the Kibblin-box on the top of the building.

Talk to them BOTH for the achievement.


They are standing on tables at the Pizzeria terrace. You need to fall from above and land on the tables. Talk to them BOTH for the achievement.


They are standing in from of the Antique Lamp shop, close to the zone entrance. Talk to them BOTH for the achievement.


Kiglean is near the river, down the stairs.

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