The Touryst – Controller Rumble (Vibration) Fix Guide

Fixes controller rumble/vibration issues and slowdowns.

Guide to Fix Controller Rumble (Vibration) Issues

How to

This guide will help you fix the rumble/vibration issues of this game when using a common XBox (One) controller. Sometimes in the game can happen the controller won’t stop vibrating or the game will have visible slowdowns while vibration is on. No support from devs, so this guide will fix it, finally.

  1. Download archive from this link.
  2. Copy xinput1_4.dll and Durazno.ini files aside game exe (“cengine.exe”).
  3. Done!

Now the game will have no issue anymore with XBox (One) controllers.

Enjoy the game!

For paranoids, this is Virus Total results (search for this scan ID):

  • f48ec272bba42e32bd4b365e84a6661e4b6eee8b9327a8502adc7b74c9228690
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