The White Chamber – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A guide for getting all achievements in the white chamber: anniversary edition. This is a short game and for best experience, it is advised that you play it on your own at first. You will most definitely unlock most of the ending achievements with no additional help, so give this a look only if you get stuck.

How to Obtain All Achievements


There are 4 story endings and 4 death scene endings in the game. Each of them gets you an achievement.

Logic behind ending calculation

You might’ve already noticed a blackboard that changes the number of lines drawn on it, that eventually forms a specific object you can also see in the game. This is the game’s way of showing you how many “points” (for a lack of a better term) you have at the moment with the maximum number being 6, when the full drawing is revealed.

How many points you have when you trigger the conversation past the Vent decides what ending do you get. There are 6 actions (including just starting the game) that give you a point and 1 action that detracts a point.

Action – Points

  • Start the game: +1
  • Select “Yes” for “Do you regret?” at the start: +1
  • Try to free the person in the tube with the axe before using the console: +1
  • Try to warm the person in the freezer with a blanket before they turn around: +1
  • Cut the wire for the Analyzer: -1
  • Cover the assembled dead body with a blanket: +1
  • Select “No” when asked about “…spreading a disease” in the quarantine room (second question).: +1

Story endings

  • 0 points – Tormented ending. “Worst of the worst” Achievement
  • 1-2 points – Damned ending. “Irredeemable” Achievement
  • 3-5 points – Redemption ending. “Redemption” Achievement
  • 6 points – Comedy ending. “Silly” Achievement

Death endings

  • Use the door that lead to the island several times – Space ending. “Watch your step” Achievement.
  • Don’t escape the electric torture scene (it takes a few minutes) – Electrocution ending. “Toasty!” Achievement.
  • Walk in and out of the room with the hanging fridge before solving its puzzle over 3 times – Venomous (Spelled Venemous in-game) ending. “Best Before” Achievement.
  • Respond negatively on the first question in the Quarantine room – Decaying ending. “Patient” Achievement.

Knowledge Seeker

As the achievements were originally buggy for a couple of days, this might need to be rechecked.

But it seems like watching/reading/listening through the grey tower content will eventually unlock this achievement.

Buried Treasure

This achievement is, in a way, an update to the way the grey tower used to be hidden in the older releases of the game and, as such, it requires some out of the box thinking to solve. I will provide hints gradually with a plain solution in the end.

Secret hidden inside ending screens

Every story ending screen has a hint for a hidden element in the game or a hidden feature, but what is less obvious is that there is a small string of numbers or numbers and letters hidden at the top part of the screen. Reading it left to right (and ignoring that death scenes only give you two strings, with 2 duplicates), you get this:

  • 44415441 30303130 2E4F4747 2E5A4950 5245444F 50455241

Deciphering the secret

You might’ve already recognized that this sequence might be written in hexadecimal. So what happens if you use a translation tool to convert it into text?


If you open the game files, in the Assets folder you will see a file called “Data0010.ogg”. What happens if you rename it into a .zip file? Turns out, that’s its real extension and you can open it as an archive. Except it requires a password. Try entering the remaining bit of our hexadecimal translation with no space and in all caps, that is “REDOPERA”.

Doing this will give you a new piece of audio drama, made specifically for the Anniversary Edition. But it will not unlock the achievement, of course, since it’s an .mp3 file you listen out of the game. However, maybe it contains hints that will help you inside the game?

Well, there have been a curious red letters inside the otherwise optional emails you can read at the Communications panel. Could it help?

Unlocking the achievement

Once you launch the game go into the grey tower. In the lower right corner you will see the letter π (Pi). Click it to see the login screen.

The login information can be deduced from the secret audio file – that would be “RED”.
The access code can be taken from the red letters in the emails – that would be “OPEN”.

Once you do, you will be given access to an additional picture and the achievement will unlock.

Due to the issues with achievements in the first couple of days, I am not aware if any of the steps above or unlocking ending achievements first is required for the Pi button to appear. But you might as well follow the story as intended for the best effect.

Thank You

Huge thanks to the team behind the white chamber for making the game all those years ago and now for updating for a modern re-release.

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