The Wizards – Dark Times – Collectibles Guide

A guide to make your life easier. Getting all the items on this guide will get you the Scholar achievement.

Guide to Collectibles

All credit goes to Venca1450!


This guide contains directions to all collectable flowers and items as well as Abigail’s memories (echoes). You don’t need to collect the echoes to get the achievement though.


Yellow flower – After you acquired the force push spell, proceed to the next room (the room with the lock you open with said spell), there’s an open door in the room. It leads to a chest.

Abigail’s echo – After you open the door unlocked by the turning wheel, go down to the door and turn around back to where you came from, you should see it on the right side of a cliff

Figurine – In the area where you get the Ice Sabers spell, go through a passage underneath the stairs you came down.

Sunstreak Ravine

Coins – After exiting the hub, behind the first rope you go down (if you burned some roots you’ve gone past it).

Orange flower – After the area where you fought some darklings, climb up the mushrooms to get to a breakable wall. Instead of breaking it turn right to see some burnable roots. The flower is in a chest behind them.

Abigail’s echo – Before getting the magma burst spell in the burnt area. It’s in a broken house (in front of a checkpoint).

Storm Eye Lake

Blue flower – This one is quite unmissable – when you take the elevator down under the lake it’s right in your way.

Abigail’s echo – In a stone structure on the right of the elevator (if you look at the chest with the blue flower inside it’s clearly visible).

Bottled elements – At the very end of this level – after riding down the platform from the tower there is a rope behind one of the trees. Go down that rope.

Sunken Light

Magical metal orb – After the first ride on the troll, go up the platforms and head in the direction you came from – the chest is in a cave on the end of the path.

Abigail’s echo – After the third (and last, luckily) ride on the troll, in the big area where you get the Arcane Beam spell, on the left side in the corner is a broken structure you’ll have to climb up.

Green flower – In the same spot as previous Abigail’s echo – burn down some roots to get access to the chest.


Cube lockbox – After entering the catacombs, go through the dark corridor until you come to an intersection. Go forward to find a room with a chest.

Abigail’s echo – Taking the left path on the said intersection you’ll come across a room on the right side of the corridor – the echo is quite unmissable.

Dark blue flower – At the very end of the large open area. You’ll notice there is a lever on the last, partly destroyed bridge. Take the elevator down on the left side of the bridge.


Purple flower – In the first big room where the first fight takes place – it’s on a cliff on the left side. You can teleport there or go in the back and around a pillar.

Lightning hammer – This one is (again) quite unmissable – in the room with the sacrificial pit, you’ll encounter a chest on your way to the top of the cliff.

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