TOP DOG – Basic Guide

This is the basics if you haven’t figured it out already.

Guide to Basics


  • How to fly.
  • To speed up/ Go fast hold down “W” key.
  • If you use your “A” or “D” key it strafes you left and right this slows down turning.
  • If you wish to turn use your mouse and point it in the direction you wish to go.

Using Weapons

  • To use your gun simply hold down left click or space bar.
  • If you wish to fire a missile press space bar or click.
  • There is a limit to how many missiles you use before you have to reload as seen on the bottom right of the screen. You may have to wait x amount of time before you are able to use them again. The missiles restock at the beginning of the next level.


  • You have 3 lives starting off. this can be seen at the bottom left of the screen if you did not get a upgrade you should be at 100% it goes down every time you get hit. Your enemy drop scrap which can repair a small portion of your heath.
  • There is a sky tower (Outpost) which if you can damage it enough a repair ability unlocks at the top of it as a wrench icon. In the middle of it once you have defeated the tower a heart will appear this will give you another life but be careful doing this it is a tight squeeze. The tower deploys what seems to be drones that will run into you this deal a massive amount of damage.


  • You will be presented with upgrades when you are playing this game to improve your airplane it is up to you to choose the upgrade you would like.

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