Tuition Academia – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find content?

  • You can use the ‘Tips’ function in the bedroom or the ‘Checklist’ on the map to find out what content is left.

Is this game complete?

  • Yes! The game is 100% done.

Are there cheats?

  • The game features a completely comprehensive cheat menu that let you change almost anything at any time.

How do I earn money? Is there a bug that prevents earning money?

  • There is no known bug that prevents the ability to earn money.
  • The best methods for earning money are a combination of using the ‘Bank’, which is unlocked at $500, and maxing out your LonelyFans and ChatFap followers.

Where do I find the blonde girl with buns?

  1. Visit the Beach
  2. On Wednesday, get invited to the club.
  3. Visit the Club on your own from the world map, and wait for someone to come up to you (Requires a certain amount of stats).

Is there a copyright issue?

  • No, this game doesn’t infringe and falls comfortably into parody territory. This is common in Japanese culture for anime/manga IPs.

Where are my save files, and how would I permanently reset my saves?

  • Your save files will typically appear in a folder like this:


  • You can delete the saves in here to give your game a full reset if you want.

Will there be more updates/content?

  • Probably not, I’m already working on my next game, “Monster Girl 1,000”, which has all my attention right now. Of course, if you like this game, you’ll probably enjoy that game too.

So is there any voice acting?

  • There is technically some voice acting, but the game isn’t fully voice acted.

Is in this game the chance that you can get a girl pregnant, or can you live with a girl you want?

  • In this game you control a female protagonist, and you can get pregnant.
  • There are several endings to choose from which show possible futures based on your choices.

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