Undisputed – How to Fix Ultrawide Screen Resolution

This is a workaround to be able to play Undisputed at your prefered ultrawide screen resolution!

Ultrawide Screen Resolution Fix

The Problem

Ultrawide screen resolution limited to 1440p

Still, after three updates…. 2560×1440 is the maximum ultrawide screen resolution I can set in the options.

I’ve never had this problem, besides in Elden Ring – but we all know that ‘widescreen’-story.

Anyway the multiplayer beta supported ultrawide screen resolutions flawlessly, so it kinda sucked that the early access version does not.

  • My native resolution: 3840×1600 (24:10) @144Hz
  • My preferred custom nvidia resolution: 4800×2000 (24:10) @120Hz
  • Nvidia Driver Version: 528.24
  • Win11 (64bit)

The Fix (Tutorial for Setting Up Ultrawide Screen Resolution)

  1. Start the game

Go to options and set everything as you prefer. And, optimally set the screen mode to fullscreen (…this needs to be done, as you don’t want to change any option ingame after the fix. As it would overwrite the settings file and you’d need to do this fix again).

Close the game.

  1. Open the windows file explorer

Go to the following location:

  • C:\Users(Your User)\AppData\LocalLow\Steel City Interactive\Undisputed\shared

…here you need to open the file Save_System_Settings.json with the editor (notepad), as shown in the screenshot.

  1. Set your ultrawide screen resolution

Just overwrite the width & height values with your prefered ultrawide screen resolution.

Also check if the display mode is set to “ExclusiveFullScreen”, and if not do so.

And finally hit save and exit.

  1. Start the game

…and finally be able to enjoy Undisputed in ultrawide screen aspect ratio.

PS: Have in mind that changing any setting ingame – after this workaround – will probably overwrite this fix.


Here is some proof (screenshots made at a resolution of 4800×2000 with an aspect ratio of 24:10):


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