Unscripted – How to Score with River

Step by Step

The game is pretty great and figuring it out by yourself is really cool, but if for some reason you dont care and just wanna get teh sexes, then these are the correct options to raise Rivers trust level:

  • Cotton Candy Shop – At least Im ending the week on a high
  • Shooting range – Personally, I’m more of a Glock and Tommy guns kinda guy
  • Pick out a flower for River – Lavender
  • Ferris Wheel – You look very zen up here -> Smooch closer to her -> Kiss her
  • Appartment – I am actually, hes a solid dude -> What I am hearing is you dont want to see my trolls -> Hey as long as youre not holding onto your ex -> Your ex, he hurt you pretty bad, huh? -> Kiss her back

You can ruin it however if you select socially awkward dorky options, so just dont be a dork in between and you should score.


  1. be helpful if you provided a full walkthrough, not the bare minimum. because i did the same thing and got rejected.

  2. I did all of the steps right until the ferris wheel, tried to kiss her and she turned me down…

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