Vampire Survivors – Easy Vampire Porta Build

This is a build that will make the game easy. Can even AFK for most of it.

Guide to Vampire Porta Build

The Build

The Explanation

Porta is a powerful character because they get a +30% increase in “area”. This is the radius of EVERY attack. So your axes get 30% bigger, your garlic circle gets 30% bigger, etc. We use this to our full advantage by getting the additional +50% area from the Candelabrador. This is a grand total of +80% area increase.

For survivability, we go for the weapons Soul Eater and Bloody Tear. These two weapons will give you vampiric abilities and a larger health pool to constantly regen HP.

For damage we go for Thunder Loop (more projectiles), Hellfire (more damage), and Holy Wand (more damage via faster fire rate).

This build can easily hit the 30 minute mark and it’s even easier if you have account wide upgrades from the power up shop. The 30 min mark is max when death comes to kill you. Death is killable, but requires special builds and strats to cheese it. This will not be covered in this guide.

Alternate Items

There are a few alternate items you could use in this build:

  • King Bible
  • Santa Water

Anything that can take advantage of the increased Area skill will work well. I would say that Spinach, Empty Tome, and Duplicator are some of the most valuable items in the game as they directly increase damage which is extremely important in the late game.

End Game Screenshot

This account has very few account wide upgrades purchased on it, and this build still got level 100+ and close to 30 minute mark on hyper mode. You could even AFK most of this run if you wanted to.

A Few Helpful Codes

These codes can be used at the main menu:

  • While on the home screen after loading up the game, type ‘x-x1viiq’. This unlocks the character ‘Exdash Exiviiq’. Its starting weapon is Ebony Wings.
  • After loading the game, while on the main screen, tap fairly quickly ‘Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right ESC ENTER’. This will give you some extra gold to spend on characters and power ups.
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  1. Good guide for beginners but for Porta build a magic wand and whip is never an option, With the alternate items you are able to survive AFK till minute 20-25,. Once you know how to play without Garlic, switch it for Evony and Peachone.

  2. I use a similar build though I almost always play in The Inlaid Library where I can get a free Empty Tome. I usually end up with Thunder Loop, Unholy Vespers, Hellfire, Death Spiral, Holy Wand, and usually either Runetracer or La Borra. Passive items usually end up being Duplicator, Spellbinder, Spinach, Candlelaborador, Atractorb, and the last one is kinda random depending on mood. As I’m in Inlaid Library most of the time, I also have Stone Mask and Empty Tome.

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