Victoria 3 – Resources Needed by People

So when I had my own market I could easily see which resources i was lacking. But now I am part of a larger marked I am not sure what to important and what not? How do I get a overview with the resources I have?

Resources Needed by People

When you inspect a factory/farm ect production, hover over the product it produces, for example grain. It will tell you what the state that it is built in’s demand is, and also what the larger market is right underneath it. Since you are part of a larger market, your “national market” becomes shared with theirs. I haven’t been able to find where to inspect your combined state’s demand is, only the state that the facility is built in.

If you are playing as a 1-state country (for example Serbia) then your state’s demand would be your whole nation’s demand, whereas the whole larger market is the Ottoman’s. It doesn’t fully answer your question, but I hope it helps if you are worried about a single factory’s needs or that state’s citizen needs.

If you are playing as a multi-state nation then I think you would just need to keep track of what types of factories you have, and kind of plan accordingly. A lot of times it’s good to tool your economy to what your overlord is in demand of. So if your overlord produces a lot of fabric and wood and iron, but has a high demand for clothing and tools, then you should stop fabric wood and iron production (since the overlord’s market dumps those prices) and build textile mills and tool factories. Then they will receive cheap input from imports and get high profit from exports.

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