Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate – How to Unlock Hundun Fast (Definitive Edition)

In this guide you can check out the quickest route to unlock Hundun, the only character in this game that can’t be unlocked in Story Mode and can only be unlocked in Gauntlet Mode.

Quick Route to Unlock Hundun


Hundun can only be unlocked via Gauntlet Mode, so if you want to unlock every playable character in this game, you’ll have to play through it at least once.

In Gauntlet Mode, you play with a team of 5 characters, so before you start, be sure to level up your selected characters and their weapons in Story Mode. I recommend promoting each character at least once, because this mode is intended for higher level characters.

After building your team, just complete the battles in the sequence shown below.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


After defeating Hundun at the battle of Koshi Castle in Level 4, you’ll win the battle, and Hundun will now be available at the character select screen.

Written by Nightman


    • you can play as Hundun in free mode once you unlock him, but yeah he can only be unlocked by completing gauntlet mode

    • Ohh, then it’s because I unlocked him by random event, not clearing the gauntlet mode itself. Still, shame it won’t be available in campaign. He has a very nice and fun moveset.

      • He is also avaliable to play the story mode battles once you unlock him, but you need to defeat him and clear gauntlet mode.

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