Waven – Eniripsa Class Tips

Tips for The Eniripsa Class

Gameplay is pretty easy. Place element on enemy, gain dephasing, travel through as many enemies as you can and then melee the element at end. At start of my turn I end up with 96 attack, which is double vs one target and single to up to 2-3 others depending on setup.

Plus any extra dmg from skills I can cast. Full dmg passive at lvl 10 and then healing passive at 30. I could heal myself up to 100-200+ dmg a turn if things played well.

For other passives I put it all into attack since all my damage came from that. I only got the dephasing and +move skill for the very low chance I didn’t have an element to proc.

Dephasing Eniripsa

  • 15 Spell Deck – Consisting of all the element cards, rest just lower costing for filler/dmg
  • Rings – 2 15 spellbook required, 30% Atk & 30% Drain. Healing Ring for more heals/drain %. !0% attack ring. I opted for the healing ring because I like having sustain, especially since I play with friends a lot. Alternative you can equip the more damage when mobs have elemental status but I didn’t have that ring at the time and my healing ring was currently lvl 30 which is 30% health bonus.
  • Armband – I was originally using the armor on attack for soloing purposes but I play a lot more friends so once I got the poison armband it was a no brainer. I can proc it every turn since I need to put an element on anyway to proc my passive.
  • Companions – I could probably use other than 4 piwis, but with the build you really dont build that much reserves or whatever its called. Sometimes I don’t even get to summon all 4. So with these they act more of a meat shield for a turn or two.

The damage isn’t crazy, but its reliable and very sustainable. I tend to like bruiser type classes so this fit me pretty well and it’s not difficult to play.

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