Wildermyth – Strategy Tips to Beat Ecthis

If you want to breeze through combat regardless of the enemies here are some tips.

How to Defeat Ecthis

Strategy Guide

  • You want to be able to damage / kill as many enemies as possible in 1 round.
  • You want to have as many attacks as possible (in 1 round).
  • You don’t want to lose health either through invulnerability or healing.

Therefore the best build in order are:

  1. Hunter -> Full Sylvan transform using Ambush; Rogue+; Archery; Ember. Precision + dmg gear
  2. Mystic using Earthscribe+ ; spiritblade+; Elementalist; Openmind
  3. Warrior -> crow using Fly; Battledance; Untouchable+; Broadswipe
  4. Warrior using Engage+; Paladin+; Vigilance+; Ripose+; Sentine; Broadswipe. Maul Weapon is a must on that…
    • Hunter using Thornblade+; Rogue+;
    • Mystic using Compulsion; Humanist

The first 3 are must have IMO. My Sylvan hunter at the end of Chapters kills 3 enemies in 1 round by himself / herself. I clocked a 3d bounce at 63 damage (one shotted a boss!) The Warrior will kill another 2 and then will be invincible on the first attack. Mystic with the invis spell remains invis and casts rock Shield on the rest for 5 hp hit in case I need which I typically don’t. If you are lucky enough to have a fire nearby then go nuts casting fire attacks using the Hunter (That means 6 shots by just your mystic)

Engage+ is GodMode if enemy is stacked which is usually the case. Pro-tip don’t use your other guys to attack engaged enemies. Your warrior should be able to solo the whole gang…

I bring the last guy for the heck of it. Truth be told you could wipe most area with the first 3 guys…

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