Witchy Life Story – How to Enchant & Get Antiques

A guide on how to get antiques and enchant in game!

Guide to Enchant & Get Antiques

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How to Get Crystals

Crystals are an important but miss-able component of enchanting in the game.

Getting crystals is really easy, just make sure to feed Ramsey every day, and once every few days he’ll provide you with a new crystal.

How to Get Antiques & Shopping Wisely

You should get a flyer in your mail on day 10 after the moon ritual/first week, once you get this flyer, all the antiques in the shop go on sale and will be incredibly– if not immediately affordable.

Just don’t get carried away buying too many bottles, resins, vials, and sachets. In total, you only craft 6 of each during the whole game, because you get 3 of each for free in the beginning, you only ever need to buy 3 more of each.

If you only buy what you need you should have $640 by the time the sale goes on, more than enough money to buy all the antiques immediately.


To unlock the ability to even work on the first enchantment, you have to complete all of the quests and interactions with a character before the festival, and once you have all of their information in your grimoire, you will have to wait for the next day for your character to have a conversation with Ramsey about wanting to do the enchantments. You can not enchant something the same day as discovering the owner’s final/crystal needs for the enchantment.

Once you’ve collected all you can from the villagers for their enchantments their enchantment request will not show up in your mailbox. But instead will show up in your grimoire, under the “orders” tab. You’ll preform your enchantment at your crafting table, and you have to click on the character portrait as if it’s an order you received in the mail.

Enchanting Recipes

Ruth’s enchantment

Mel’s enchantment

Jean’s enchantment

Jonas’ enchantment

Niesha’s enchantment

Devin’s enchantment

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