World of Mines Creator’s Edition – Achievements Guide

Achievements explained.

How to Obtain Achievements


  • Achievements count – 16
  • Time to 100% – 15h, based on skill

Mines defused across different levels rises counter outside levels. It is used for undo last move for 200 mines, 2nd at the same level for 300 and etc.

Workshop Achievements

  • Select any user created level and start it for New World Symphonies! achievement. No need to solve it.
  • Click load image, delete image, move image in the left top corner at least once for Great Artists Steal.
  • Press create pixel art, set 10x tiles size (1), fill the whole level with tiles, paint them to use 5 different colors. Click upload map, wallpaper color -> choose any, set level name and click upload.

Get First Stroke of Genius!, Little Matisse, Season of Renaissance, I love you 4000, Finishing Touch for uploading this 1 level.

  • Upload any 6 more levels for Three-thal! and I can see a Rainbow.

Classic Mode Achievements

Classic mode can be started from the main menu here:

After completing each level, paint solved country with any color and press icon in the top right corner to exit color palette.

  • Journey Begins! – Enter any level in Classic mode.
  • Frontiersman – Complete all South and North America countries.
  • Origins Onearthed – Complete all Africa countries.
  • Triumph of Culture – Complete all European countries.
  • Vast Unknowns – Australia & surrounding countries.
  • Ancient Wonders – Complete Asia region countries.
  • Around the World in Eighty Days – Complete all 178 levels in Classic mode.

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