WWE 2K23 – MyFaction Locker Codes

As new themed card packs and goals are regularly released throughout the year, MyFaction in WWE 2K23 allows you to take your faction online and fight for global dominance, or participate in Weekly Towers and Faction Wars.

All MyFaction Locker Codes

Players can input secret codes in the Locker Code area of MyFaction to gain access to free bonus cards that can be used as prizes in the game mode.

The most recent collection of all the active Locker Codes for WWE 2K23 MyFaction can be found here.

MyFaction Locker Code List

  • UPUPDOWNDOWN – Emerald Tyler Breeze (Manager Series).
  • NEWDAYROCKS – Emerald Xavier Woods (Manager Series).
  • EVENSTRONGER23 – 3000 MFP and 3 Superstar Packs (Superstar Series 1).
  • AUSTIN316ESB – Exclusive Emerald Steve Austin Card.

How to Redeem a WWE 2K23 MyFaction Locker Code

  1. Visit MyFACTION.
  2. Select “Locker Code” from the menu.
  3. Enter any of the locker passwords listed above.
  4. To receive the reward and open your card, click Start.
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  1. Im not really a fan of Myfaction, almost didn’t get 2k23 because of how repetitive and tedious the gameplay is for Myfaction and the micro transactions for the card packs have extremely low RNG.

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