X Invader – Hacker Hats

Hacker Hats

First of all, it’s technically code cracking, not hacking. So, they’re all code crackers, not hackers.

One of the loading screen tips says that the group your character works with are “black hat” hackers and that Valkyrie are “the best white hats”. This isn’t accurate: black hats are purely out for personal gain and/or to cause misery to others.

Considering that your group is being paid to get into corrupt corporate networks and servers and plans to release dangerous/incriminating information to the public, this places them closer to Type-1 or Type-2 grey hats (work for what they think are good causes but employ illegal methods to do so OR mainly crack for the thrill of testing their skills, with any gains or

Causes being secondary benefits) or Type-2 blue hats (independent contractors who just work for a paycheck, with any personal/social causes coming secondary). Motivations and methods are the main determinant of hat color and sub-type.

Valkyrie might actually be white hats (professionals hired to crack their own corporate systems in a constant effort to build better defenses and test for further weaknesses), but with the currently limited plot and somewhat awkward translation, they might also be red hats (vigilantes who actively hunt black hats and some grey hats, but use illegal/extreme methods to shut them down outside of legal routes).

Commander Badger comes across as a green hat/script kiddy, by the way; someone new to the scene that mainly relies upon pre-packaged or super simplistic methods of infiltration and attack. The derogatory term “script kiddy” is specifically to denote those who have no desire to improve their skills or really develop their own approaches.

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