Your Only Move Is Hustle – Beginners Guide

Basics of the basics as seen by a noob for the noobs.

Guide for Newbies

UI and the Basics

Health – If it goes to 0 you die.

Resources – Some moves can only be used so many times in a row, you use them up and you can’t use them anymore.

Air options: Determine how many movement moves you can do while airborne, they refresh once you land on the ground.

Free cancels (Attack cancels): Most attacks allow you to toggle the “Free” button under the lock in button. This gives you the opportunity to cancel that move into any other move during your opponents next turn. Good to get around blocks or prevent being punished for a long move.

Refreshes when you hit or get hit Keep in mind you lose frame advantage when use do this.

Burst: The burst metre has three uses:

  • The main one is to use a burst when you’re being comboed.
  • The second one is to burst during your own combo to possibly extend it.
  • The last one is to do a whiff cancel which allow you to cancel (similar to free cancels) a move mid strike for ¾ of the burst metre.

Bursts can be blocked. You will not be able to dodge, move, block or use all your offensive options when you Whiff cancel.

Timer – If this runs out the game ends and the one with the most hp wins.

DI (Directional influence) – allows you to influence what direction you get knocked back in. Used to escape combos or avoid projectiles while you’re recovering. DI increases the more hits you take, it resets once you recover.

Special metre – Every character has a set of special moves that take metre, like ninja’s quick slash or wizard’s orbs. Most characters have two moves, a move that costs 3 bars and a move that costs 1 bar. Some, like robot, have more.

Special moves:

All Characters

  • Instant Cancel – 1


  • Quick Slash – 1
  • Caltrops – 3


  • Instant Teleport – 1
  • 1000 Cuts – 3


  • Spark Bomb – 1
  • Orb – 3


  • Low Orbit Ion Cannon – 1 + Unique resource
  • Magnetize – 2
  • Kill Process – 3

Your moves – you pick a move and use it.

Moves to take note of:

  • Hustle – icon looks like a smiley face, a taunt that fills your special bar.
  • Instant Cancel – Some moves (like Quick slash) limit your options, instant cancel costs 1 special metre and allows you to combo into your other moves.
  • Cowboy Impale – Cowboys abuse this move a lot, always make sure you can react to an impale if facing against a cowboy.
  • Robot Kill move – can take 60%+ of your HP depending on how much special metre they have. If a robot has 5+ special and they’re not using it avoid that move at all costs.

Frame Advantage

Frame advantage indicates how much faster your move occurs compared to your opponent, some moves take more frames than others, shorter moves allow you to maintain or take frame advantage from your opponent. If your frame advantage is in the negatives it means your opponent’s move will occur before your move.

Ghosts and Predictions

Ghosts are vital for predicting your opponents next moves and guaranteeing combos. Most newbies miss the ready indicator which indicates when the opponent gets their next move.

If you want to confirm longer combos try and avoid moves where your opponent gets “ready” before you next hit them. If they do, try to bait a move with a free cancel and counter their next move.

You can select a move under your opponent to see what will occur if they do pick that move. This allows you to plan around the move you think they will do next and properly counter it. This is also a useful way to see if you have complete frame advantage is to put your opponent’s ghost on the fastest offensive move they have (within range), if their ghost hits before you then you may want to act carefully.

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