Chained Together – How to Fix not Able to Join Lobby / Saving Mechanic Explained

This short guide will help you solve one problem in the game as well as understand the mechanics of saving multiplayer.

Guide to Fix not Able to Join Lobby and Understand Saving Mechanic

Can’t find or not able to join friends lobby

Be sure that download region for your friend and for u are matched. U can check it via Steam -> Settings -> Downloads -> Downloads region.

How to save multiplayer game

I figured it out, but it’s not explained anywhere else. So basically the game saves where you are at all times, so if you exit the game, it will save where you were right before you left.

Then, if you remake the lobby by hosting with the same difficulty and number of players and whatnot, obviously you’ll spawn at the beginning, but then you can hit escape and click the “load previous save” button.

This will teleport you to where you were right before you previously left! One issue I can see with this though is that it can kinda be used to cheat – you can do this multiple times and it always teleports you back to the same spot.

So if you fall to a spot lower than where your save is, you can just click the button and it’ll take you right back there.

As far as I know, you have to actually leave the game for the save to work, if you start a fresh game and click the previous save button I’m pretty sure it will just teleport you to the beginning.

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