AFK Journey – Arcane Labyrinth Guide

Arcane Labyrinth (Strategy Guide)

First and foremost Lab revolves heavily around rng. The waves of enemies you face, as well as relics and crests are all random for the most part and therefore hard to plan strategy before entering.

However knowing which relics to focus and which crests are worth taking over others can significantly improve your chances of pushing later floors. As I mentioned above, I am still currently working on a loose guide outlining a few strategies you can take as well as certain crests to look out for.

You get to take in 12 heroes, so essentially you want a team for clearing waves and a team for the bosses. Your 2 leftover slots should be used on niche heroes you have built that can provide extra survivability / counter certain troublesome enemies.

These are the two teams that have brought me the most success so far in testing…

Team 1: CC Burst Meta

Granny can be swapped in for Thoran if you have her built.

Team 2: Boss Team

Your strategy will depend on which crests you are presented with and you will need to adapt accordingly.

You ultimately want to build as much damage and survivability as you can, and focus on obtaining as many relics as possible. Upgrading to lvl 8 relic gives you a high chance at getting a Legendary crest.

There are 2 main builds that have been successful in testing: Rebound Shield and Immunity Burst.

The rebound shield strategy revolves around obtaining crests that give temp shields and specific crests that deal damage to the enemy when shields take damage / are destroyed. For example, Rebound Shield:

  • When allied heroes’ shields are weakened from attacks, their attacker receives true damage equal to 30% of the lost shield value.

The immunity burst strategy heavily revolves around a specific crest called Do or Die:

  • Allied heroes are immune to damage in the first 25s of a battle. After this effect ends, allied heroes receive double damage in battle except for damage dealt by bosses.

It pairs perfectly with the CC Burst Meta team, and the strategy is to deal as much damage as possible within the first 25 secs. You can even forego tanks and support heroes to try and deal as much damage as possible as you will take no damage as long as you can wipe the enemy team within 25s.

Some Useful Crests to Look Out For:

  • Impact Spear – Allied heroes deal 25% more damage to enemies on the enemy side of the battlefield.
  • Impact Armor – Reduces the damage allied heroes receive from enemies on the enemy’s side of the battlefield by 25%
  • Time-keeping Strike – 15s into a battle, all enemies receive true damage equal to 20% of max HP and are stunned for 5s.
  • Healing Power – When an allied hero receives excess healing, the weakest enemy hero loses hp equal to 20% of their max HP. This effect can be triggered once per second.
  • No Holding Back – Normal attacks always deal true damage.
  • Wilder Bow – For every Wilder hero deployed, increases allied heroes’ ATK, Phys DEF, Magic DEF and HP by 5%.
  • Mauler Fang – For every Mauler hero deployed, increases allied heroes’ ATK, Phys DEF, Magic DEF and HP by 5%.

Note: The faction specific crests obviously assume you are running heroes of that faction. They are included here due to the teams I have been using.

That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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