Moonstone Island – How to Fix Broken Saves

Don’t worry, your game saves are not lost!

Fixing Broken Saves

Windows/Mac Fix

  1. Exit the game
  2. In Steam, in Moonstone Island properties disable Steam Cloud. (If you are playing on multiple devices, disable it on all of them)
  1. Open the folder with save files:
    •  On Windows, open Explorer and paste this path into the address bar: 
      • %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Moonstone Island
    • On Mac open this folder:
      • Documents/Moonstone Island
    1. Important: Please make a backup copy of this folder, just in case!
    2.  If the folder contains sub-folders like Game1, Game2…, go into each one and move the *.dat files into the parent folder. The result should look like this, on the right:

    Note: (You may have a different number of files, make sure to move all of them to the parent Moonstone Island folder)

    1.  Delete settings.cfg file from the folder. And then download this file into the same folder:
    • settings.cfg

    Note: Alternatively, you can right-click the existing settings.cfg file, open it in Notepad and update it like this:

    "display_fullscreen": 1,
     "language": "EN",
    "audio_master": 100,
    "audio_music": 80,
    "audio_fx": 50,
    "audio_ambient": 50
    1.  Run the game. Hopefully, you should see all your saves in the game now!
    2.  Once the game is fixed, re-enable Steam Cloud.

    Note: If Steam shows a cloud conflict screen on the fixed device, choose to use LOCAL files.

    1. If you have the game installed on a second device and Steam shows cloud conflict on it, choose CLOUD FILES on that device.

    Steam Deck Fix

    • Exit the game.
    • On the Moonstone Island page in Steam press on the gear icon > Properties > then in general disable “Keep game saves in the Steam Cloud for Moonstone Island” (If you are currently playing on multiple devices, disable it on all of them).
    • Put Steamdeck into desktop mode (Steam button > Power > Switch to Desktop).
    • Open a web browser while in desktop mode and go here.
    • Download the settings.cfg file to your Steamdeck.
    • Now open your files.
    • In the left bar click on “Home” folder > Moonstone Island.
    • It should look like this in the Moonstone Island Folder:
    • Grab the settings.cfg file you downloaded earlier and copy/paste it to the Moonstone Island folder
    • It may replace the existing one. This is good. Confirm replacement by clicking “Overwrite”.
    • That should do it!
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