Solo Leveling: Arise – Known Issues and How to Fix Them

Troubleshooting Guide (Fixes & Workarounds)

Mobile Version

How to resolve launch and performance issues

A slow game speed or unsmooth game launch may be caused due to various factors. Please ensure you have a stable network connection before following the instructions below. An unlinked account is vulnerable to data loss, so please check if your account is linked.

Checklist related to checking crashes and performance by initializing game data.

  • Press the “Redownload Data” button at the top right corner of the loading screen.
  • Delete downloaded data and install patch.

*It is recommended to use Wi-Fi due to the large amount of data consumed during data deletion and patching.

How to close background programs to resolve crashes with other programs

1) How to close background programs in Android (AOS)

  • Press the III button next to the home button of the device.
  • Close other apps running except for Solo Leveling: ARISE.

2) How to close background programs in Apple (iOS)

  • Quickly tap the home button of the device twice.
  • Close other apps running except for Solo Leveling:ARISE.

Reinstall the game:

  • Delete the Solo Leveling:ARISE app.
  • Launch the game after reinstalling the game in the store.

How to resolve installation and update failures

If the game is not being installed or the updates are not running smoothly, we recommend the following instructions below.

A stable network (Wi-Fi/LTE/5G) environment is required for smooth installation and update. Before troubleshooting, please check whether the network environment is stable first.

Checklist when you are unable to install:

  1. Check if you have enough memory space.
  2. Check the OS version of the device.
  3. Check the recommended game specifications.

(Recommended Specifications)

Minimum system requirements:

  • [AOS]: Samsung Galaxy S9 / OS: 9.0 (API Level 28) / Memory: 4GB
  • [iOS]: iPhone XS / OS: 12.2 / Memory: 4GB
  • [PC] CPU: i3 3220 3.3 GHz / RAM: 8GB / Graphics: GTX 1050 / OS: Windows 10 or higher

Recommended system requirements:

  • [AOS]: Samsung Galaxy S20
  • [iOS]: iPhone11
  • [PC] CPU: i5 4460 3.2 GHz / RAM: 16GB / Graphics: GTX 1660 / OS: Windows 10 or higher

If the Android (AOS) update has not proceeded smoothly:

  1. Select the application in the phone settings.
  2. Select Google Play Store.
  3. Delete cache/data.
  4. Refresh the market update screen.
  5. Update Solo Leveling:ARISE.

If the Apple (iOS) update has not proceeded smoothly:

  1. Select your profile at the upper right corner of the App Store.
  2. Scroll down the screen to refresh.
  3. Update Solo Leveling:ARISE.

Unstable Game Connection Fix

Please follow the steps below if you are having trouble connecting to the Solo Leveling: ARISE app.

How to resolve connection failure and delay issues:

  • Check the network environment (Wi-Fi/LTE/5G) connection status and keep the reception status optimized
  • Close all apps other than Solo Leveling: ARISE to secure enough memory space
  • Update your OS to the latest version to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Change game graphic quality
    • Connect to your character → Menu → Options → Change Graphic Quality in Graphics
    • Turn off the unused settings in Graphics

*You can reduce memory usage by adjusting the graphic quality.

How to check the OS version

Follow the steps below to check the OS version of your device.

AOS – How to check the OS version:

  • Go to the [Settings] → [Mobile phone Information] → [Software Information] → [Android version] tab

iOS – How to check the OS version:

  • Go to the [Settings] → [Normal] → [Information] → [Software Information] tab

How to manually / automatically change Battle Controls

How to change Auto/Semi-Auto/Manual Settings during battle for each content is as follows:

  • Go to the menu at the top right of the game screen → Tap the [Options] icon on the right → [Control Settings] → [Select the content among Battle Content].
  • Change the Auto/Semi-Auto/Manual settings in Battle Controls for each content.

How to set up push notifications

If you do not want to receive in-game push notifications, you can change the push notification settings by following the instructions below.

  • Go to the [Settings] menu in-game.
  • Go to the [Notification] menu.
  • Change the [Notice/Game/Night time Push] settings.

PC Version

How to change PC Sticky Keys settings

Hunters using the PC version can change the displayed Sticky Keys by clicking the Shift button on the keyboard five times using the method below.

How to Set Sticky Keys:

  1. Go to the Control Panel
  2. Click “Ease of Access”
  3. Click “Make Your Keyboard Easier to Use”
  4. Change the “Use Sticky Keys” settings

Email Login Issues

Pop-up messages upon logging in with an email

  • EmailAuthNotExistEmail: The entered email address is unregistered.

Please check your account linking status in the mobile version by going to the [Options] – [Account Settings] tab.

  • EmailAuthInvalidPassword: The password was entered incorrectly.
  • EmailAuthInvalidStatus: The account has been suspended. Please contact Customer Support.

The account has been suspended. Please submit a inquiry to the support center.

  • EmailAuthInactiveAccount: The account has been set to inactive. Please contact Customer Support.

Possible issues when registering/logging in with an email

  • A verification email is not coming through: Depending on the email you’re using, it may take a while for a verification email to arrive.

Sending a verification email repeatedly can cause the previous verification email to expire and create a delay. Please wait patiently for the verification email to arrive and proceed accordingly.

  • While trying to register with my email, a verification email said, “Invalid Access”: Sending a verification email repeatedly can cause the previous verification email to expire.

If you’ve sent a verification email already, please wait for a while longer.

  • I lost my linked email account: If you had set up a recovery email, you can find your account through that email. If not, please submit a inquiry to the support center.
  • I lost my linked email account password: Please reset your password.

How to log in and link accounts for PC version

PC Version Login can be done with linked Google, Apple, or Email accounts.

(Login with Facebook or Twitter accounts is not available).

If you don’t have a linked Google, Apple, or Email account, please link one before use.

  • If you wish to use the data from the mobile version you are currently using, instead of creating a new account on the PC version, please proceed with linking on the mobile version or log in with the linked account.
  • Please note that linked accounts cannot be changed or unlinked.
  • How to create an Email account: Main screen > Email account login screen > Sign up with an email account

How to resolve Launcher & PC Version launch issues

Error messages when running the PC version:

  • Missing game files: This error occurs when the shortcut file on your desktop is not used to launch the game. When the shortcut file is used to launch the game, the game will launch normally.

If the shortcut file is deleted, please reinstall the shortcut by re-downloading the game.

  • featureleveles31: This error message occurs when the game is opened through the shortcut file, but the file required for launching the game does not exist in the installation location.

Some of the antivirus programs recognize the PC version of Solo Leveling:ARISE as a virus. To temporarily avoid this issue, add the PC version of Solo Leveling:ARISE as a trusted app in the antivirus program.

  • VCRUNTIME140, MSVCP140: This error occurs when the essential files required to launch the game are either deleted or corrupted.

Please download and install the files from the official download website. Restart the game once the files are downloaded and installed.

  • X3DAudio1_7.dll: This error occurs when the DirectX file required to launch the game is either deleted or corrupted.

Please download and install the files from the official download website. Restart the game once the files are downloaded and installed.

  • A ‘Fatal Error’ message pop-up: Please update your graphic driver to the latest version.


Regarding the Daily Growth Support Product

If you have purchased the Daily Growth Support product through the Solo Leveling:ARISE PC version or webshop, effects such as Special Sweep, Special Activity Funds, and Max 4x Multiplay will be applied only when you claim the “Daily Growth Support” item via the mailbox.

Not Displayed Stat Information

The effects below are not displayed in the stat information, but they will be applied normally during content play:

  1. Advancement Effects.
  2. Set Effects.
  3. Effects attached to Weapons.
  4. Passive Effects attached to Skills.


Ranking Server & User Group Formation Criteria

Ranking servers and user groups are formed with hunters who started around the same time, so even if you start now, you can aim to enter the rankings.

How to check the information of the linked account

Linked accounts will be stored in the form of separate encrypted code values, and platform account information such as ID and email will not be collected, so devs are unable to provide help.

If you need to check the information on the linked account, devs recommend that you contact the relevant platform customer center for detailed information.

Google and Game Center linked accounts:

  • Make an inquiry to the customer centers of the linked platform

Email linked account:

  • Check the email account to which the verification email was sent to
  • Check the information of the linked account with the recovery email

How to Change/Deactivate/Withdraw a Linked Platform Account

Changing a linked platform account:

  • If you have already linked your account to a specific platform, you cannot change or cancel the link to another account of the same platform.
  • You can link additionally to the desired account by selecting another platform that has not been linked yet or selecting “link with email.”

Deactivating a linked platform account:

  • Information on the linked platform’s account (ID or email) is not collected and can be checked only in the form of a separate encrypted code value.

Therefore, you cannot deactivate the linked account nor check or disable its suspension (restricted access).

Withdrawing a linked platform account:

  • If you withdraw or delete your account from the linked platform, you will not be able to access the game information (server, character, etc.) you were using.

*If it is difficult to use the linked platform account, devs advise that you contact the platform customer center and find out how to use it normally.

How to check your account code (PID)

The account code (PID) is a unique number that can be identified for each account. Please refer to the instructions below to check your account code (PID).

How to check for your account code (PID). (Combination of numbers and English letters).

  • Connect to the game.
  • [Menu] – [Account Settings].
  • Check your PID (account code).

How to find a lost account linked to the platform

Devs collect only the link status of the linked platform’s account information in the form of an encrypted code. Unfortunately, it is difficult to check and provide direct help with the linked platform account, so please contact the customer center of the platform to check the status and solve the issues.

However, if you have linked your account to the email, you can check the information directly, so devs advise you to check by referring to the following information.

How to find a lost account linked to the email:

  1. When connecting to the game, press the [Link account (link icon)] on the upper right corner
  2. Press [Log in by email] among the platforms linked to the account
  3. Press the [Find email] or [Reset password] button under the login button
  4. Please check the guide for finding lost accounts.

How to find your email

Check if you have received an email from “[email protected]” in the email inbox you think you have used for linking the email. If you have received the email, try logging in with that email.

If you forgot your password, reset the password

If you know your email but have forgotten the password, press “Reset password” on the email login screen > Enter your email > After receiving the “Reset password” email, enter a new password to use in the future through the link in the email.

Finding the linked email by entering the recovery email

If you have registered a recovery email after linking your email account, you can check the “Linked email account” in the email you receive after entering [Find email] > [Find email] at the bottom of the pop-up > Recovery email in the email login screen.

How to recover guest account

Guest Account Recovery Requirements:

Create a character on the same device as the account you are requesting to recover.

*Why new account is required.

Email and social media account information must be linked to the newly created account to transfer the lost guest account information.

Link the new account you created with the platform.

Select one of the platforms suggested according to the OS of the device you are using and link it.

  • Android(AOS): Select one from Google / Email
  • Apple(iOS): Select one from Apple Game Center / Email

Fill out the form below to submit a inquiry to the support center.

You must agree to all items in the recovery form before proceeding with guest account recovery.

  • The character name of the account to be recovered:
  • The Name tag of the account to be recovered:
  • The character name of the newly created account:
  • The Name tag of the newly created account:
  • The Account Details (32-character ID) of the newly created account:
  • Consent to not withdraw after requesting for recovery: (O / X)
  • Consent to not use arbitrary accounts after account recovery: (O / X)

*Please write down the information above as accurately as possible for quick confirmation.

*When recovering an account, all characters included in the account will be recovered. On the contrary, please note that all characters created in the new account will be deleted and cannot be used.

*When connecting with a new account after recovery, you can use the account with existing game information.

*If you wish to play the game during the recovery processing period, we recommend that you use it after linking to another platform on a third account (= sub-account). (Example) New account = linked to Google, Sub-account = linked to Email.

How to fix account linking failure

If you have a history of linking the account even once, you cannot link additional accounts. If you wish to continue linking the account, please use an account that has not been previously linked. If you fail to link your account during the initial registration process, we advise you to follow the instructions in the order below.


  1. Check if the Google Play app is the latest version
  2. [Settings] → [Cloud & Accounts] → [Account] → [Delete Account] → [Re-login with the Account]
  3. [Settings] → [Applications] → [Google Play Store] → [Storage] → [Delete Cache/Data]
  4. [Connect to Google Play Game App] → [Menu] in the upper right corner → [Settings] → Check whether the linked Google account is signed in


  1. [Settings] → [Game Center] → Check [Enable Game Center] → Log in

How to use an existing account from another device

If you need to change your mobile phone or device, log in with the same account as the one linked to the platform you were using in the previous device and “load” the existing game information to continue playing.

*Guest accounts cannot be logged in from other devices, so make sure to link the account and check whether it is linked before changing the device.

How to load the existing game information:

  1. Tap the “Link Account” (link icon) at the top right corner of the loading screen
  2. Select the platform linked with the account in the previous device and link

If the current device is linked to another platform account:

  1. Tap the link account (link icon) at the top right corner of the loading screen
  2. Tap the currently linked platform (deactivate/log out)
  3. Select the platform linked to the existing device and log in
  4. Confirm the warnings and select game information to load

How to link your account

To link your account, select an account that is convenient to use among the platforms below and proceed with linking.

If you link your account to a platform that can be used in both AOS and iOS, you can continue to use your account by linking it to a new device even if you change the device you are using.

Account Linking Platforms

  • Sign in with Google Play (AOS)
  • Sign in with Apple (iOS)
  • Sign in with Email (AOS/iOS)

How to link your account (right after starting the app)

  1. Tap the link account (link icon) at the top right corner of the loading screen
  2. Select the platform and log in

How to link your account (how to link during gameplay)

  1. Go to the [Menu] – [Account Settings] – [Link Account] tab
  2. Select the platform and log in

*Once your account is successfully linked, you can “load game information” at any time through the linked account. If your account is linked, you can protect your data from being deleted due to errors. After linking your account, you cannot unlink/change to another account.

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