Lust Goddess – Full Event List (Requirements, Tips and Rewards)

Here is the full list of active events in the Lust Goddess game.

List of All Events

Event Shop

Every Friday

  • Mission Completion and Daily Login Bonus

Exo Bonds

  • Complete the mission to earn Exo Bonds
  • Log in to claim you free Daily Exo Bonds starting from Monday
  • Make sure to complete your mission and start a new one, as it does not carry over.
  • Spend wisely to make the most out of Exo Bonds

Secret Tip: If you have not reach League 16 you benefit more from buying Epic Cards in the shop to modify into Legendary Cards

Note: All Exo Bonds will disappear after the Event has ended.

UPD. Ignore the comment below Golden Legion on Event Shop A. Those events don’t actually overlap.

Miss Fortune

Every Monday

  • Luck Based Game

Golden Taler

  • You pick one of the cards and hope its not a Death Card
  • The first four rounds should not have any Death
  • Every round afterwards should have a Death card.
  • If you pick a Death card you can choose to lose it all or pay Golden Talers to continue

Recommendation: If you feel you gotten some decent loot, you should collect your winnings.

Note: All Golden Talers will disappear after the Event has ended.

Wheel of Fortune

Every Wednesday

  • Nutaku Coin and Mission Event
  • Yellow Tokens
  • Nutaku Coins
  • Purple Tokens
  • Complete mission to earn Purple Tokens
  • Use Purple Tokens to spin the wheel to hopefully earn Yellow Tokens, Emerix, Purple Chips or Credits
  • Use Yellow Tokens to acquire units from Premium Shop
  • Buy and use Nutaku Coins to gain some Purple Tokens to spin more to earn Yellow Tokens to get the units you want.
  • This is technically for people who can drop cash.

Note: All Yellow Tokens and Purple Tokens will disappear after the Event has ended.

Big Score

Every Thursday

  • Flip Cards Event

Note: You must purchase Silver Taler with Nut Gold (10$) to redeem any rewards you earn.

  • Silver Taler (Golden Taler but Silver 🙂
  • Nutaku Coins
  • Pick any one of the four cards
  • You can’t lose only win
  • Pick the multiplier to multiple the cards you have flip
  • In order to claim reward, you must buy silver taler to redeem
  • You can restart up to three times

Premium Shop

Every Thursday

  • Emerix Gems Spending and Mission Event

Emerix Gems

  • Spend Emerix on units you like to have in your deck
  • Unit cards scale with league ranking
  • Complete mission to earn back some Emerix
  • Look for good deals or pick your favorite waifu

Event Rotation / Schedule

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