Wayfinder – Known Issues and How to Fix Them

Bugs and Issues [Solved]

Issues Upgrading Affinity after Respec

There’s a known issue where, after Re-speccing your affinity tree, you may become unable to upgrade certain affinities even though you have enough Gloomstones.

Please ensure you have enough Gloomstones that aren’t refunded (IE: Numbers without the []’s around them) when attempting to upgrade your affinity. The game will still used the refunded Gloomstones first.


  • If a upgrade requires 2 blue gloomstones, and you have 2 refunded but only one available. It won’t work.
  • However, if you have 2 refunded and 2 available. The upgrade will work. The refunded gloomstones will be consumed first.

Infinite Loading when Starting a New Game

This is a Windows permission issues. You can do 1 of 2 things.

  • Repair your windows permissions and ensure you have admin rights on that account.
  • Run the game as administrator.

Alternatively, you can try right clicking on the Wayfinder.exe, running it as admin once, and then from that point forward, it should be able to read that directly.

Bells Bug (Scavenger Hunt)

Right now there is a bug that when you travel away from highlands, e.g.: going into Kestrels hideout, after activating one (or more) bells then you wont be able to get the reward for completing this scavenger hunt.

Fix: Restarting your entire savefile!

So please make sure to locate every bell before interacting with them. Only the one who is brave enough to journey through the Highlands has their valor ring through the world.

  1. Where an ancient turtle shakes the earth, yet the bell remains out of reach. Upon a log on high.
  2. A breeze of salty air fills you with inner peace as you sink into the sand.
  3. One ancient, long since rung by many a Wayfinder nestled amoung the trees.
  4. Where Misery haunts you, you lean against a stone remembering your Loss and feel your Woe
  5. In the ruins before the Repository of Knowledge among much rubble this bell remains.

The Reward!

Wingrave Shield Bug (Cause and How to Fix)

Been playing exclusively Wingrave currently level 30 and dealt with this particular bug a lot, the one where you’re stuck blocking. Here’s how I handle it.

So how does it happen: I’m sure there are multiple causes, but the method I’ve noticed causing it the most is by inputting a move such as his heavy aerial attack (where he slams) or his dash attack and then right at the end of that move (in the ending lag) tapping his block button and releasing before the move ends. I can replicate it 9 times out of 10 at this point

The easiest way I’ve found to fix this is to hold your block input, and tap your light attack input and then press escape all while holding block. This clears that “held” input and allows you to attack again, if successful as soon as you press escape you’ll see Wingrave put his shield down and you can release the block button. There seems to be more going on here too.

How to Get Unstuck

  • If you are stuck in a dungeon try teleporting, if you see the “you are in combat” msg keep trying and make sure you use X button on the ESC menu it worked for me.
  • If you cant move after teleporting in the highlands, travel back to the base.
  • If you get stuck somehow and you cant get out of somewhere press ESC then X and then a menu will apear.

HTTP Error Fix

Location of the Stone Kings TombAfter trying to help some people in the general chat we have come up with 2 solutions that have worked so far for people coming across the HTTP error.

  • Fix 1: Use a VPN, there’s good free ones that you can use.
  • Fix 2: Using the Cloudflare warp

The issue is most likely some communication error from you to the Server. Hopefully with this information the developers can come closer to an actual fix.

Ultrawide FoV Fix

For anyone with an Ultrawide or Super Ultrawide monitor, you can go to:

  • C:\Users[YourUserName]\AppData\Local\Atlas\Saved\Config\WindowsClient

Edit Engine.ini Add this to the bottom:


This will fix your FoV (essentially zoom you out about 20% more).

Screen Fix (PC Only)

Fix for Wayfinder screen bug, works instantly (atleast for me).

Requires TCP View.

  • Extract TCPView.
  • With wayfinder running in the background.
  • Run TCPView64.exe.
  • In the search field (at the top center) enter: Wayfinder.
  • You will see a bunch of process names under the protocol field look for TCPv6 there should be two entries because the game is still connected.
  • Right click and kill process this will close Wayfinder.
  • Restart and Wayfinder should now run as intended.

ADS Low Sensitivity Fix

If you try change ads sensitivity in the game, then you can see that nothing happens. It is because game not change correctly value in file.

How to fix?

  • 1) Open folder.
  • 2) Type %appdata%, press Enter.
  • 3) Now, go to Roaming, back, App Data, Local.
  • 4) AppData\Local\Atlas\Saved\Config\WindowsClient
  • 5) Open file GameUserSettings.ini in notepad or ide program.
  • 6) Now we can change settings:
ADS_InputMultipliers ADS_InputMultipliers=((ControllerX, 0.500000),(ControllerY, 0.500000),(MouseX, 1.000000),(MouseY, 1.000000))
Also you can change this:
Aim Targeting Assist (is it broken and all time push you camera to random places, better switch to false)
bEnableCameraAimTargetingOnMouse bEnableCameraAimTargetingOnMouse=False
Aim Friction
ADSAimFriction ADSAimFriction=0.000000
AimFrictionAdjustTime AimFrictionAdjustTime=0.000000
  • 7) Save changes.

Save File Location

Remember: You may need to make sure that hidden folders are turned off before you start searching.


I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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