10 Minutes Till Dawn – Basic Guide (Characters, Weapons and Perks)

Guide to Basics

For The Gigachads

One thing about the game is > The idea is not to beat the game… Enjoy different perks of skills combined with your favourite character and weapon. If you want to beat the game, sure, beat it all the ways possible and you will %100 quit. As that is how it works in games like this until a new content comes up. Then you beat it again, then well… Then it repeats.

Enjoy the game as it is 10 minutes (let’s say 15 minutes as sometimes you might think about what perk to pick). A very short game, go study, enjoy your time with family, with friends etc.


Like I said, it all depends on what you enjoy. But, the only thing that I want to underline is Shana (3 HP character with reroll chance) and Diamond (6 HP character) are basically the same characters. It is just Diamond is better because she has more health. I have beaten the game in all possible builds and I have never used reroll. Because you don’t need it? As there will be more variety in the full game and the game will be longer… May be we will somehow will use reroll? Idk. We will see.


Can reroll, has 3 HP. Can play any weapon with any build except the fire cannon. As it suits Scarlett more (will explain later on).


Same thing with Shana.


On every 3rd shot, throw out a wave of fire that burns enemies for 3 damage per second.

Can go with any build, and any weapon. Fire cannon suits the most of course.

Has 2 HP, harder to play. Depends either on shield or movement speed early on due to low HP.


Summons a shadow clone with right click and dashes, leaving out the clone behind. The clone does not move. The shadow clone deals the same damage as bullet damage.

Best perks to use are summoning perks.

Has low HP and depends always on shield (if you are a gigachad then don’t use it).

The Weapons

Basically, all weapons are the same except fire cannon. It is just what you enjoy the most when playing.

  • Best Weapons = Crossbow > The Shotty > The Revolver

Note: Fire cannon is different from the other 3. So, I can not have it in the same line.

All 4 weapons can go any build. The weapons are dependent on what you choose as a perk. So, I will explain them in the perks section.

The Perks

The most important part after selecting your characters. (Yeah, the weapons do not really matter. Like I said, choose what you enjoy the most).

There are 11 perks:

  1. Damage
  2. Reload
  3. Attack Speed
  4. Projectiles
  5. Summoning (dagger, the ghost, etc.)
  6. HP
  7. Shield
  8. Fire
  9. Ice
  10. Lightning
  11. Movement Speed

Most useless when doing your own build:

  1. HP (literally, why even use it, sometimes with the shotty and rage upgrade).
  2. Fire (It is fun to play, depends on the player. But, ice is just better).
  3. Summoning. Like I said, depends what you enjoy. It is best with Hina because of the ninja buff. You can stand still and keep using ninja inside of you, nothing will get close to you (after you max out summoning). Without Hina, it feels useless to pick up any summoning perk related with summoning anything.

The only thing that do not go together is Damage and Projectiles (as projectiles make you do less damage).

Things that go together

Maxing out Projectiles/Damage and Ice is the most fun to play for me

  • Maxing out Ice makes mob explode, maxing damage (until the splitter, when a mob dies, they explode into bullets). Then, it cycles. The more it explodes, the more bullet there are and more explosion… And, it goes on and on.
  • Taking more damage or more bullet from the boss are equally good. Depends what you enjoy.

Movement Speed, Shield And Lightning

  • You became Usain Bolt, nothing can really touch you and mobs keep exploding with lightning max.
  • Attack speed it is from the boss. The more bullet you shoot, the more lightning there will be. Maxing out reload will help you shoot without a reload. Literally a machine gun.

Fire and Attack Speed

  • Fire goes pew pew. Most enjoyable with Scarlett as you also shoot out a wave.
  • Attack speed it is from the boss.

Reload, Attack Speed, Projectiles + Ice

  • One of the most satisfying builds ever. Best with crossbow. In late game, you can literally sit and not move, keep shooting.
  • Attack speed it is from the boss.

Note: The more builds depend on what you enjoy. Game is unique, you can go any build with any weapon. I even played bullet damage (bigger bullets) with fire cannon. It works xD Like I said, what you enjoy.


It is a video game after all. It is a short game that is why it is enjoyable for a person like me whose time goes to reading or translating. Real life > gaming my friends. But, a short game like this also helps from time to time when reading gets boring. I hope you enjoyed the guide.

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