Immortals Fenyx Rising – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Immortals Fenyx Rising game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • (On PS4 at least) This game requires you to have a Ubisoft account if you want to play while you’re connected to the internet. You can play offline without an account.
  • There are tons of side things to do that the main quest won’t guide you to, and it is pretty much expected you’ll be doing some of them to get the coins/ambrosia/lightning etc for upgrades as you progress. You don’t need to grind, but if you try to run through the main quest and do nothing else at all, I imagine you might struggle. Finding vaults and completing them, working out how to get to ambrosia, solving the puzzle or winning fights to get chests etc – that’s half the game tbh so use the farsight ability to find things to do. There are unmarked quests in the world – if you explore and find somewhere that looks interesting, there might be a quest relating to it so explore everywhere tbh even if it’s not somewhere that your farsight power tags.
  • It’s probably worth sticking to the main quest until you get the wings that let you glide though, at which point explore and also at some point return to the starting area since there’s more to do there once you’ve got some abilities. You’ll still find some places you can’t get to – there are some locked off behind specific quests – and others you might need certain upgrades to get to or at least to make it easier to get to them. The upgrades that let you climb/glide faster are very very useful and the swimming one is handy in places.
  • Upgrading your stamina really, really helps.
  • There are much tougher enemies, including unique ones, in various places – sometimes even in otherwise easy areas guarding chests etc. Unless it’s part of a quest (and sometimes even then) you can always run away from enemies – so if you get into a fight you realise that you’re going to lose then run away (summoning your mount and riding away or jumping off a cliff and gliding will almost always get you away – monsters only chase you so far if you can get a fair distance away and/or break LOS).
  • Any time you go back to the Hall of Gods, just upgrade everything, make more potions etc. Potion ingredients along with pomegranates (health) and blue mushrooms (stamina) respawn in the world over time so don’t be afraid to use them any time you need to and just collect more whenever you run low.
  • Use your first coins of Charon to get new god powers – not only are they useful for combat, but they really make exploring the world and solving it’s puzzles less of a hassle.
  • The axe can break down broken walls, if that isn’t made clear.
  • In almost every tartaros map, theres a chest to find. There are quests to find a number of these, so you may as well grab them as you go through the areas. They can be found using the farsight ability, like other stuff in the game.
  • Do the side mission with the fallen bird first. You’ll get a really useful ability in the end.
  • If you spot a tree with pomegranates in, you can whack it with the axe to make them fall off. It’ll take more than one whack to get them all off the tree, but I’ve found a full combo works nicely. Combined with the cheap skill that picks up all of the materials within a certain area when you pick up just one, this is a very quick way to stock up on a lot of pomegranates, since the trees grow in groups.

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