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League of Maidens - Guide to Collecting Shards and the Battle Pass

Written by DementedFreak   /   Mar 11, 2021    

This is a Quick crash Course to the one who are confused on how shards work! In this Guide ill Point out how to get shards faster and quickly. Not tens of thousands a day but if you ran dungeons constantly who knows just how many you can farm.

Collecting Shards and the Battle Pass

Shards and the Battle Pass

To start out once you reach guardian level 15 you can use the +3 death invitations. To start you can use +1 death invitations and at level you can use +2 they do the same thing do not change multipliers or give you better odds. The only difference is the cost when you buy them and the number you use to get to the desired level. Do not worry about making back what you spent on them you will get more back then you spend. To get the NPC you must have finished chapter 5 of season 1 to have the NPC available.

To get access to the shop you need to kill 10 Foul for the NPC at the eastern base.

After killing the 10 Foul return to the NPC and you will have what you need to buy death invitations from her.

Strong Holds

Strong holds are a faster way of collecting shards under the right circumstances. Using Death invitations multiples the number of shards you get from each enemy you fell. As you guardian level increases you can use higher level death invitations. IT DOSE NOT matter what level +1,+2 or +3 level increase you use they have the same outcome, you just have to use less to boost the number up. after you reach the end of chapter 5 and kill 10 fouls for the NPC in the eastern camp you will now have accesses to her store.

The number of shards that you can get out of a strong hold depends on a few factors. The first i covered was the number of death invitations and the + level they are to increase the Level of the enemies in the strong hold. The second Is the number of enemies in each room. Lastly the number of rooms in the strong hold.

Freedom city strong holds will by default give less shards due to level and difficulty/ The necropolis desert strong holds give my because of there starting levels is higher. There is also a base number of shards each strong hold gives out. I am sure that this also differs from FC and ND strong holds.

Battles That You Do to Increase Your Guardian Level

These have a small set number of Shards you can get right now these battles are no were near finished they are not set in stone. they may or may not change. But the max shards i see that you get are 250 per battle. 

Killing Enemies on the Map in General

The amount of shards one gets for this seems to be random because of the different levels of the enemies on the maps. Freedom city by default will give you less shards then fighting enemies in the necropolis desert. I hope this Guide Helps new players a bit better on how farming shards works. you can farm shards quickly by running Strong holds. There is a guide to help you with strengthening your maiden and getting your score high enough done by the CM. Once you get chapter 5 done od season on have fun farming the shards needed for the Battle pass!

Written by DementedFreak.