GTA 4 – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you play the Grand Theft Auto IV game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • The triggers on your control pad are fully analogue! If you get in a car and just slam on the accelerator you’ll fishtail like crazy so take it gentle at first.
  • Cover is really your friend in this. For long range single target shots ditch the M4 and go with a handgun. Left Trigger, pull down on the right stick a little and then pull the right trigger. You should headshot most times.
  • Become best buddies with Roman. His taxi service is marvelous.
  • The ‘One Man Army’ achievement is a lot easier to get than you’d think. Once the second island opens up, steal a helicopter from the helicopter tours place in Alderney’s south. Fly to the third island and you’ll automatically gain 6 stars. However, the police have no anti-air capabilities in IV, so you can hover in the air for five minutes to gain what would otherwise be an insanely hard achievement.
  • When a friend calls but you don’t want to hang out with them, answer anyway and agree to go out. Immediately after, call them up and cancel the plans. This way, you don’t lose friendship points.
  • When stealing cars for Stevie, there’s a quick way to spot them which doesn’t involve you circling a neighborhood for hours. Get a chopper and fly to the area Stevie mentions. From a certain height in the air, NPC cars won’t spawn. However, the car Stevie wants you to steal is visible no matter how high you are. When you’re looking for the requested car, simply maintain an altitude from which NPC cars are invisible and you’ll be able to spot it no problems.
  • Starting a new mission resets your wanted meter.
  • Low on health during a mission and don’t want to repeat it again? Retreat from the battle, Hit start, set a waypoint to the weapons shop + food place. Hitch a ride in the nearest taxi, and hit a to skip the cutscene. Once you are stocked up, hitch a final taxi setting the waypoint to the best spot to attack your enemies.
  • Being shot at but don’t know where its coming from. Switch to the assault rifle, and it’ll auto-lock on most targets, even behind walls.
  • The quickest ways to win missions are to use the RPG on mass groups, or the sniper rifle if you only need to kill a single enemy. You can often do this so far away from the enemy base you’ll instantly win the mission, have 0 star wanted, and suffer no retaliation.
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