Blade & Sorcery – Comprehensive Magic Guide

Magic is weird. So use this guide to find out how to use it. Controls are from Valve Index Version.

Guide to Magic


Press the A Button, or you controller’s equivalent

This will open the magic selection menu, hold it to keep it open.

  • The massive white circle is no magic selected.
  • Purple is spacial magic.
  • Red is Fire magic.
  • Blue is Electric Magic.

Hover your hand over a circle to highlight it and release the A Button to select it.

Use the controllers trigger while not holding a weapon or levitating an object to activate magic.

Spacial Magic: The Purple One

This magic has 2 Different effects.

If using the trigger it will enable you to stagger and push enemies and physics objects when you thrust your arm forwards.

If you use both hands and out them together it will create a stronger magic. wait until the tone levels out and and then pull your hands apart to create a Zero-G Field. you will stay rooted and be able to have weapons and enemies hover.

This magic also lets you use Levitation on enemies body parts. simply hover over them like you would with a weapon and grab. the most effective parts are the legs and neck, the legs will trip them, the neck stops them from moving and attacking.

If you charge a staff with the magic by holding the end of it up to palm while channelling (Holding trigger) it will turn purple. hitting enemies with it makes them ignore gravity when launched. hitting the ground launches enemies and objects in a small radius.

Levitating enemies uses no mana.

Fire Magic: That Red One

Fire magic is simple.

Simply hold the trigger to channel the magic into a fireball.

Holding a weapon into the fireball while channelling will heat the weapon. this gives it armour piercing properties allowing it to go through shields and armour.

When you throw the fireball it will be semi-guided. point at a target and the fireball will roughly follow your hand movements. its still very imprecise.

You can deflect enemy fireballs by hitting them with your weapon, or block them with a shield.

If you hit an enemy in the head with it and they have no head armour it is a one shot.

Electric Magic: That Blue Fun One

Charge with trigger, electrifying weapons let you stun enemies upon contact.

Release by rotating palm to face up, then rotate wrist forward to palm faces outward.

This can also be achieved by thrusting arm out and holding it there.

Electric magic will stun enemies, making them convulse. they will stand up for most of the attack, however they will eventually fall over and drop weapons after some time. they are not dead though.

Electric magic will charge their weapons if they are holding one. this can be dangerous if you run out of Mana.

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  1. Staff can also do nice aoe attack- imbue it with gravity and do “you shall not pass” slam to the ground

  2. I’m pretty sure you can throw fire balls while not moving its just the staff has to be moving. So kind of flick the staff when throwing the fireballs.

  3. You can imbue a staff with purple magic and if it hits a wall or the floor, it makes an AoE shockwave. The harder you hit it, the bigger the shockwave. This can be done approximately twice with a fully-charged staff, and is easy to do by accident so caution is advised

  4. If you grab two body parts at once with spacial magic you can move your hands away from eachother and tear the person apart

  5. you are the first person ive seen call purple drank spacial magic, ive only ever seen it called telekinesis or gravity

  6. Also, I believe you can use telekinesis on enemy fireballs if you have the fire spell equipped in that hand, although I’m not sure entirely how it works, as it doesn’t always let you do it.

  7. The purple magic is probably the most powerful since you can easily kill enemies by picking them up and throwing them around or tearing them apart with no mana cost.

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