Narita Boy – 100% Achievements Guide

This guide will help you to obtain all achievements in the game.

How to Obtain All Achievements


I had to play the twice game because of the missable achievements so I figured that a guide will help other people to get them all in one playthrough. I’ll also list some guidance in case people are stuck, plus listing the point of no returns that have missable achievements.

Story-Related Achievements

You’ll get them on story progression.

Digital Kingdom

  • Reaching the Digital Kingdom is quite an achievement

Thick as thieves

  • Wield the Techno Sword and become one with it to overthrow the Stallions

Fly over the ground

  • Insert the ‘dodge’ power-up

In the creator’s mind

  • Penetrate the first Creator’s Totem

The first of many

  • Use the Transcriptor of Symbols and transcend for the first time

One of the greats

  • Defeat the first end-of-level Boss

Animal form

  • Metamorphose into your animal form

Beyond the collision

  • Insert the ‘Shoulder Bash’ power-up

The brightness of the three houses

  • Reach Trifurcation, at the portal of the Three Houses of the Trichroma

Master of Light

  • Find and install Taiyo Beam’s code

Your friend in the air

  • Insert the ‘Uppercut’ power-up

Riding the wind

  • Find and mount your Servo Horse

Together we’ll go further

  • Transform yourself into Servobot

Master of Water

  • Find and install Ougai Rain’s code

Sweeping over the simulation

  • Equip the Floppy Board

Shattering floors

  • Insert the ‘Downstab’ power-up

The sound of the Summit

  • Activate the digital path that will allow you to ascend the Summit

Know thine enemy

  • Activate the Switch with HIM’s Holo-History

Stallion Skewers

  • Insert the ‘Dashstab’ power-up

Master of Fire

  • Find and install Johnny Heat’s code

Being a Stallion just isn’t cool anymore

  • Defeat the Glove

The final push

  • Find the access Techno Key to the Capital

I am Big Narita

  • Transform yourself into Big Narita

Supreme Stallion Annihilator

  • Defeat HIM

I know what I did yesterday

  • Unlock all the Creator’s memories

Savior of worlds

  • Return to the 80s after saving the Digital Kingdom

Missable Achievements

All missable achievements, ordered from the earliest time you can get them.

Rebuilding memories

  • Get hold of the first floppy backup disk to restore the Creator’s lost Memory

Location: Starting area

Get the first floppy backup disk. The first backup disk is in Room of the Three Switches. You can unlock it by activating three switches.

  • The end of the Calculus 3 Room (the east exit from Totem Room)
  • The far east of The Underground Garden
  • The far east of the Techno-Fathers’ Castle (only accessible after you learn dash)

This will unlock the locked room in Banks of the Achromatopsia River.

Invisible code

  • Find the access to Taiyo Beam’s red symbol

Location: Yellow/Desert area

In Lower Wings, after you learn uppercut, do an uppercut from the box and dash or charge to the left. You’ll reach a room with red symbol.

In the house of the dudes

  • Find Taiyo Beam’s hidden room

Location: Yellow/Desert area

In Oasis, instead of putting the meditation code to go to the other side of the Oasis, put this code instead: □, >, ∴. You can find both yellow and blue symbols in the other side of the Oasis and the red symbol when you get the Invisible code achievement.

I’m bringing beers

  • Find Ougai Rain’s hidden room

Location: Blue/Water area

You need to insert this code to the meditation area in The Abode of the Techno-Guru Compiler: ∴, ∴, ▽.

The symbols are found in tricky places, here are they:

  • Red symbol (∴): in the north exit of The Pier

  • Blue symbol (▽): Inside the Lighthouse

  • Yellow symbol (∴): The Perpetual Glitch, Nakunak’s Dwelling

A room with a view

  • Find the Floppy Disk on the Technocrats’ balcony in the Capital

Location: Blue/Water area

It’s obtainable after you pick up a telephone call in the Old Telephone Box. Head to the west exit and follow the path to reach a switch. This will open the area south of the crying child. Head inside that area and take the Office Key next to the mother. Bring the Office Key to the Capital to access Communal Terrace.

You should be able to get the achievement after you obtain the disk in the Capital, but there’s one more thing you can do. Use the disk on the pirate statue in “Access to the Onsen, the Thermal Baths”. Defeat the boss to get another backup floppy disk.

Your buddy’s room

  • Find Johnny Heat’s hidden room

Location: Red/Ruin area

You can only do this after you unlock dash stab power-up. In Transcriptor’s Barrow, break the red door. Use the teleporter with the code from the previous area: v, ▽, >. You’ll reach Johnny Heat’s Room.

Retrieving memory

  • Retrieve all the fragments of the Backup Floppy Disk

You’ll get it after you obtain the last backup disk. You should be able to get all backup disks if you get the previous achievements, but I’ll list them here anyway.

  1. Read Rebuilding memories.
  2. Read In the house of the dudes.
  3. Read I’m bringing beers.
  4. Read A room with a view to get a floppy disk.
  5. Read your buddy’s room.

Déjà vu

  • Get back to the Technocrats’ terrace in the Capital

After unlocking A room with a view achievement, you’ll automatically get this when you get to the capital. You’ll eventually return to this area again from the other side.


Starting Area

  • Finish everything you need to do before going inside the Priests’ Portal.

Hall of the Techno-Sword

  • Jump on the platform and spam J to take out the sword.

The Underground Garden

  • Activate 3 switches. 2 is visible in the area, the last one is in the big room in the middle. You need to be on top of the stairs to reach it. If it’s still locked (it’ll have a light blue color if it’s opened), talk to the guy near the sheep in the next step.

  • See the big guy near the sheep near the entrance? The one next to the blue-square thingy? You can climb on the walls on top of it (press jump and up). You need to arrange the symbol based on what this guy says □, ∴, □.

Quantum Ascension

  • Jump up. See the white-ish line? That’s where you need to jump. Press jump and up to go higher.

The Creator’s Tears

You need to find 3 symbols: red, yellow, blue. The red symbol location can only be reached by pressing two switches to activate a portal:

  • The far east of Alpha Tesseract (you can walk past the cave where the priest is)
  • The far west of Beta Tesseract

Meditation code: >, v, ∴.

After you get the red Techno-Key, head to the place before you go to this area (the place where you rang the bell), to Access Hall.

Trifurcation, Opening of the Three Portals

  • You need to climb the yellow, then red platform to reach the next area.

Yellow/Desert Area

  • You must do everything that you need to do before mounting the vehicle in The Stable of the Servo-Horse.


  • The three symbols can be obtained in the rooms in Side Street: ▽, □, v.

The key that you get in this area can be used to unlock the door in Alley of the One Hundred Thousand Drunks in Side Street.

In the Labyrinth, Modular Room

  • The sequence can be seen on the door on the far east of Estate of the Master of the Royal Stables. You can unlock the room by pressing the switch on Main Access to the Labyrinth. Code: yellow ∴, blue ▽, red v, white □.

Blue/Water Area

  • You must do everything that you need to do before exiting this area from Terrace.

The Abode of the Techno-Guru Compiler

  • You can see the red symbol by interacting with the flashy things next to the meditation area and the other two symbols from the board on top of the Techno-Guru. Solution: ∴, □, ∴.

Old Telephone Box

  • The symbols are in the rooms: -, v, v.

The Blue Simulation

  • At the very last area, use your Floppy Board to get across the huge pool of water.

The Summit of the Perpetual Glitch

  • After you get a Techno-Key that unlock the switch in the previous room, jump and charge to the right. There is a blue-ish area that you can climb to the upper side.

Red/Ruin Area

  • You must do everything that you need to do before boarding the train.

After exploring all colored areas

Trifurcation, Opening of the Three Portals

  • Talk to Synth-Sensei to the west to get the Techno-Key that unlocks the way to the capital.


Maintenance Building (after getting Big Narita Techno-Key)

  • The symbols are in the blueprint in Chapel of the Techno-Fathers, where you get the Big Narita Techno-Key: >, ▽, ∴. There is a room with a list although I don’t know what they are used for (maybe Kickstarter backers?).

Yellow Quarter

  • You can transform into Big Narita by pressing F in front of the statue.

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  1. Thanks for the guide! Just wanted to comment that either these teleporter codes you have to punch in are different between versions, or they are generated per game so you’re not just able to look them up in a guide. Thankfully you also noted the locations for them.

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