Evil Genius 2 – How to Automatically Tag Agents

Quick and simple guide for auto tagging.

Open Research Menu

To enable auto tagging you must first research the ability’s from the research screen.

Research Ability’s

Select the node and start the research.

Open Security Zone Menu

Open the systems menu at the bottom left and select the security zone button.

Select Tag Type and Area

Select tag orders and zones of effect.


To clarify the “select tag order and zone of effect”:

If the player goes into the bottom left icon where one selects objectives and research (systems menu), they will see the second tab up is for auto tagging (called Security Zones). This brings up the four on-screen options. It’s simply then a case of clicking on the auto-tag option one wants, say “Distraction”, and then clicking on the corridors and rooms of the Lair where this auto-tagging should take place. The room/corridor light up with the option’s colour to demonstrate successful selection. When a minion in that area spots an agent, they will be automatically tagged with the appropriate tag.

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