The Little Red Lie – 100% Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Walkthrough to get to the 2 main endings.

Complete Walkthrough Guide


There’s 3 mobs:

  • Bats – just crouch to avoid these.
  • Jumping teeth – crouch next to them so they jump over you.
  • Wolf – crouch behind a rock or a tree so he walks past.

Note: you respawn at the last checkpoint when you die, so taking damage doesn’t really matter.

Main Story

  • Grab the bird on the right and show it to the cat.
  • Go through the portal.
  • Go left and grab scissors.
  • At the bloody tree grab the rope and rice.
  • Keep going until the end to find a bucket.
  • Go right, enter the house and get the lantern.
  • Grab lockpicking tools to the right of the house.
  • Keep going to the right and pick up the saffron (plant).
  • Enter the cave and pick up the pig head in the back.

  • Head back to the house.
  • Lockpick the cabinet.
  • The sequence is as follows:

  1. Left Right Bottom.
  2. Left Right Bottom Bottom Right Left.
  3. Left Right Bottom Bottom Right Left Right Left Bottom.

  • Grab the wine bottle.
  • Exit the house and interact with the well to get a bottle filled with wine.
  • Enter the house and mince the meat by using the meat grinder.
  • You should now have all items to complete the potion.

This is the solution for the mixing:

  • Go into the cave and crouch when you’re close so that the wolf doesn’t hear you (don’t let the red bar fill up).
  • Cut the hair of the wolf.
  • Exit the cave (don’t move).
  • Alt Tab immediately and manually back up the save located at:

C:Users%username%AppDataLocalLowTired MoonThe Little Red Liesaves/main.xml

  • Use the potion on the altar.
  • The cave should now be sealed (choose one of the endings and replay the game or reload save for the other one).

Dead Meat

Open the cave by destroying the altar and breaking the spell.

Bad Ending

Dead Meat

Don’t Trust Your Elders

Don’t open the cave and follow the cat into the forest.

Good Ending

Don’t Trust Your Elders

You trapped the wolf and escaped the forest.

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