Hobo: Tough Life – Basic Game Mechanics Guide (Mini-Games Explained)

Please note: All credit goes to InpectahDeck!

Guide to Game Mechanics


The bar mini-game is one to get used to but gets better with time, can use E or Mouse Click Left to stop the bar (Used in dumpster diving, chatting, crafting/food making, stealing and others).

Dumpster Diving

One of the key and many ways to survive the harsh streets. There is many kinds of dumpsters to dive on into! Below find different sizes, bigger they are more they have and higher chances of good stuff! But BEWARE higher levels means more shrapnel per dumpster
Most small and medium sized dumpsters will be around this size (As well the size of Dump Spots with Dump Raider Perk).

Medium Trash Cans

Large Trash Bins (Few may be locked depending on area).

There is cars to loot and other containers to grab from smaller box ones like the one below are usually locked, few are open always near Drax.

Diving further explained

As you explore the city further, the more dumpster you will stumble across, I mean everywhere you go in real life think about, there is always ones around stores, back of places or out and about on the streets galore.

Always be careful try to not rip clothing or get odour it helps not to with conversations and integrity of your clothing (worse it gets worse it helps).

Dump Raider Perk Spot aka what they look like.


Could become a main way for cash and items if getting it to a high enough skill, second most used mechanic for basic needs. Below you will find many ways to learn and talk to those roaming the streets.

Basic chats with folk, covering few of the areas of chat mastering to strangers.

Chat with strangers

Chat with NPC’s/Hobo’s

Insolence – In the word you find many descriptions but this truly follows being Bold and Proud in the sense of being able to ask without hesitation, earn a extra little bit more!

Strategy – Works hand in hand with many conversations, extra chat boost or results in a easier option of getting talking done *Very useful perk but costs Will Power!*


Sell items – You can find random people on the streets to buy selected items if you have them, also many Hobo NPCs buy certain items from you!

Street Vendor will give you better options to sell items!

The layout on how items get shown when sell option is chosen.


Taking things from people can be fun or a bad thing if a cop spots you doing it! It does affect moral slightly whether it be from a container or taking from a NPC! Many people can be stolen from!

Certain areas have spots with wood planks or other bins with good stuff. But beware and keep an eye out or upset the wrong person, then run or chat your way out of it if caught.


Certain people you may come across might wanna fight, they look like a easy target to bully. But with fighting it goes a long way. Learning to get skills up helps and other perks, your a pretty weak hobo at the start but don’t stress. Below shows Bullying and what it looks like to lose. Winning results in the rewards your after. Item or cash.

Fighting Chat

Fighting Lose

When you end up losing a fight it usually results in getting knocked out or left bleeding on the ground for a few seconds until you recover. Better to avoid this in case of freezing temps or low stats

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