Emily is Away 3 – How to Get the Good Ending

No jokes or memes, a guide on how to get the actual good ending from Emily is Away <3.

Good Ending Guide

Alright, What Do I Need to Do Then?

Now, here’s the tricky part. We kept looking at save files and trying to deduce what exactly caused good endings, but that wasn’t it, with some code digging on the Discord we found out the game has a flag for a “firstCharacter”, turns out that the second save file you get after beating the game isn’t just cosmetic or just another slot, it’s a requirement for the good ending.

The general gist is:

  • Your first ever playthrough is absolutely always doomed to failure.
  • Whichever girl dumped you in your first playthrough unlocks the opportunity to obtain the “good” ending for the other girl.
  • Small decisions like musical preference/quiz answers don’t affect the your final ending outcome. Only choices in Chapter 4 matter to get the happy ending.
  • As long as you don’t treat Emily/Evelyn in a really bad way, your second playthrough will most likely be the good end. As far as we know, either completely ignoring Jeff/Steve or bringing it up and dropping once she asks you to will work, you’ll notice that her attitude towards him will change and be different from the bad ending playthrough. Just don’t be an idiot.

What this means is, if you want to have the good ending with Emily, then start a new game with Evelyn, get the bad ending, then start a new game with Emily and play normally for the good ending, and the other way around for Evelyn.

Playing Again Sounds Like A Lot Of Trouble, Is There Something I Can Do To Make It Faster?

Yes, there is. There’s two ways to go about it.

Modifying the save file:

  1. Pick the girl you would prefer to get the good ending with
  2. Play through with her, always trying to take her side
  3. Do not talk to Jeff/Steve, and only bring them up fleetingly with Em/Eva
  4. Get the not so good ending
  5. Go to C:Users[Your Name]AppDataLocalLowKyleSeeleyFacenook – Welcome to Facenook (in case your AppData folder is hidden, press the Windows button + X, click on run and type “appdata” to get to it)
  6. Open Player.json
  7. On line 1, edit firstCharacter to be the opposite, so if firstCharacter: 0, change to 1 and vice versa. To put it into simpler terms, if you want to play Emily’s good ending, set it to 0 and if you want to play Evelyn’s good ending, set it to 1 (if 0 doesn’t work for Emily, try 2, both work for people)
  8. Save the file, reload your save and replay chapter 5, and you should get the good ending

Cheat Engine Speedhack:

  1. Select the game’s exe on Cheat Engine, tick the box that says “Enable Speedhack”, set it to something high like x20, click apply.
  2. Keep mashing 1 and Enter to get past dialogue quickly (make sure to enable Text Assist on the game’s settings so it types for you, it’s the gear icon at the top right), but make sure to pick the girl you wouldn’t want to get the good ending with
  3. Absolutely no option matters, you just need to finish the game, so mash it to your hearts content. Sometimes the game bugs out and stops progression due to the speedhack, but it every time it bugs out, it conveniently auto saves for you, so you can go back go to the menu and continue the game
  4. Once you finish the game (took me 20 minutes with a x20 speedhack), close Cheat Engine and start a new game on save file 2, now play normally with the girl you want to get the good ending with.


Your first playthrough always results in failure, no matter what you do. To get the good ending, either play again with the opposite character (it takes one failing for the other to succeed) or just edit your save file so the game thinks you’re on your second playthrough.

Extra Useful Information Found By Data Mining

Not really pertaining to the good ending, but it’s still useful info that could go here.

Emily is Away <3 is separated by 5 endings and 14 subendings, the subendings are the last squares found in your timeline.

9 subendings are from endings 1 to 3.

5 other subendings are from endings 4 and 5.

You’re able to get all subendings with either Emily or Evelyn.

On the code, the subendings are labeled as such.

  • TogetherPlayerBroke = 11,
  • TogetherOtherBroke = 12,
  • TogetherOnBreak = 13,
  • UltimatumApologized = 21,
  • UltimatumDenied = 22,
  • UltimatumUpset = 23,
  • BrokenWontTalk = 31,
  • BrokenDeniedFault = 32,
  • BrokenAdmitFault = 33,
  • Broken2WontTalk = 41,
  • Broken2DeniedFault = 42,
  • Broken2AdmitFault = 43,
  • Together2Realistic = 51,
  • Together2Forever = 52

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