Ultrakill – How to Access P-1 / How to Beat the Bosses of P-1

This guide will detail the moves and strategies of the P-1 bosses, as well as how to access P-1. Spoilers ahead!

How to Access P-1

The first thing you have to do is get P on all levels in Act 1. You can get a P rank by ranking S in all categories (time, kills, style), and not dying/restarting from a checkpoint.

Once you do that, go to the first level of gluttony, and make it to the room with the bridges. Make your way across the first bridge, and instead of turning right, look down and left. There will be another bridge that leads to a mouth door, and inside, there will be a door with a number of Ps on it. Go through, and you will find a secret level exit. This is the entrance to P-1.

P.S. Once you get down there, make sure to grab the torch.

Fighting the Flesh Prison

The Flesh Prison appears as a rotating cube in the middle of the room. It is large and stationary, so hitting it should not be a problem.

This one isn’t really difficult once you understand how it operates. From what I saw, I has four moves.

  • It spawns a number of eyes around it. These aren’t much of a threat, as all they do is move around and shoot easy to dodge lasers.
  • It spawns a ring of projectiles, similar to Minos, or the Mindflayer. These track you, but are fairly easy to dodge.
  • It spawns a black hole, with the exact same effect as the one Minos spawns.
  • Periodically, a while circle will appear on top of you. Several seconds after, a beam of white light will come down, dealing heavy damage. 2-3 can appear in succession. You should have your dashes for this.

However, there is one extra mechanic. Periodically, it will grab the eyes it spawned in a green aura. After several seconds, it will “eat” them, regaining large amounts of health for each one it eats. Because of this, killing the eyes should be your top priority. I found using the Malicious mod for the railgun is a good way to wipe most of them out as they spawn. I also recommend using the non-alternate version of the marksman revolver, as it kills the eyes in one hit. You should keep the alternate version of the pierce, for the heavier damage.

I believe the best way to beat it is to strafe around in a circle, saving your dashes for dodging a circle attack, and killing all the eyes before damaging the prison. You should also save your railgun charges for taking care of the eyes

Fighting Minos Prime

Upon killing the Flesh Prison, Minos Prime will be freed. He will thank you for freeing him, however, he will tell you what you have done to the souls in hell is unforgivable, and proceed to attack you.

This boss is TOUGH. This fight is the hardest in the entire game. He has incredible speed, devastating attacks, and a huge health pool. As far as I saw, there is no order to his attack groups, so sometimes he’ll destroy you will a combo that’s nearly impossible to dodge. He has several attacks, far more difficult to recognize than any other enemy or boss. I’ll list them as best I can.

  • Periodically, he will teleport into the air and rush into you, dealing moderate damage.
  • Alternately, he will teleport into the air, slamming down and sending a shockwave out, similar to a Cerberus, or a Hideous Mass.
  • Minos will fire an orange serpent that will track you until it connects with you or a wall.
  • Minos will leap towards you and hit you, launching both of you into the air.
  • He also has several combos of punches and kicks.

    [*} Once his health bar drops to half, he will gain a faint blue aura, and become even faster.

I found the best way to defeat him was to stay as close as possible, using your shotguns to whittle away at his health while keeping your health up. Staying on the ground is a requirement. If you’re in the air too long, you’ll get shredded. Generally, strafing will allow you do dodge his combos, but you’ll have to dash away for attacks like the leap, and jump over the shockwave.

P.S: Use the railgun as much as possible.

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