Scavengers – Researching Guide (Tutorial and Walkthrough)

Some people might be confused on how to research things! So here is a basic guide of how to research things in your research station.

Guide to Research

Getting Started

First of all, you need to have played a match to even being able to use the research station!

Now that you can actually use the research station, you need some materials.

The basics of crafting is that you need to collect resources in the to deconstruct them and get materials. Without it, you can’t craft anything.

Researching Items

After you’ve done some collecting, you’ll be presented with the tutorial to deconstruct, yada yada, the point is; you’ve got yourself some mighty fine materials.

The other thing you need to craft, is energy. A basic resource that is dependant on your account level and regenerates over time. Let’s say I’m level 10, and currently have a maximum of 149 energy. Then I can craft items that require up to 149 energy. So anything above that, I can’t craft.

You need to keep in mind, that you might need to level up more to start actually researching some items, just because you don’t have enough energy.

Creating Your Resources from Nanites

If you don’t have enough materials to research something, you’re not done yet! At this point you have two options:

  • Play more games.
  • Creating them from Nanites.

And this is about making those. First of all, you will need to sacrifice your spare materials (if you have any) for Nanites. So if you have a overly large supply of Copper or Plant Fiber, you can deconstruct those into Nanites.

As of the time of making this guide, creating Research Tier 1 Materials (top row) costs 10 power and 100 Nanites. Be weary that if you craft these materials this way (which I don’t recommend), it will cost power and your Nanites will be consumed, meaning that you might not have enough power to research the item you made the materials for.

Components and Making Them

Components are items that can be found in salvaged bags or materials that you find when playing. It’s sometimes quite hard finding some of them, but if you know where the resources can drop from, it might be a bit easier for you.

The tab is a bit hard to find, but here is a simple step by step walkthrough:

  • Go to the Research Tab.
  • Select Resources.
  • Find the tiny button that says Components.

If you don’t have enough components though, you can ALSO craft these. They’re usually a bit more complex and require basic materials to craft them. No Nanites this time though.

Some components can only be crafted, and need a lot of materials. An example is the Bionic Augmentation, which is as complex as some of the Wildcard Weapons.

Unlocking More Research Slots

Tired of waiting for things to craft one by one? Well, you no longer need to when you’ve researched a certain amount of items (like Tier 2 needs 10 items researched). Then you can finally craft multiple things at a time!


Now get out there, and research everything you can. Because only then you will stand a chance against the greatest out there.

Written by Sotumney

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