Farm Manager 2021 – Useful Tips and Tips

Here you can find some tips and tricks about gameplay mechanics, issues etc.

Tips and Tricks

Farm size

You can expand your land ownership buying more land. There are no limits to the size of the farm.

Seasonal workers

Seasonal workers can works only on fields on manual works or in harvesting into chest trailer. They can’t use machines.

How to solve Logistics Building AI problem

Far quicker to remove the Logistics Building altogether, and just position additional Warehouses near to your production facilities, so your workers will only have a short walk, instead of a long drive.

Staff management

You are not required to release employees from buildings if you want to hire a new employee for the building. If you want to unassign an employee from the building, you need to click on the building and then click on the “x” at the top of the employee’s portrait.

Manually management

You can manage your fields manually. To disable automatic field management, turn off both types of field work (machine and manual) and choose a plant. This makes the buttons in the field overview clickable and allows you to assign workers or machines manually. It also allows you to skip some steps of the field work.

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