War Selection – Best Ways to Rush Wonder

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In this guide we will look st 2 best ways to rush wonder.

Guide to Rush Wonder

Why Do You Wonder Rush

in this guide i will show 2 best ways of wonder rushing in war selection!

Wonder rushing gives one team an advantage in case the team starts loosing they can go full defence and have a chance at winning.

Why would you rush wonder instead of slowly getting it?

While rushing ir your completly useless as you cant afford to make towers or any types of troops.

Therefore you have you be as quick as you can.

Main Rules of Wonder Rushing


  • Never ever take the vision upgrades.
  • Never ever make more than 60 workers.
  • Never ever build an army to protect yourself.

Difference Between Europian Wonder Rush and Asian

Asian Wonder


  • Its cheaper.
  • It takes less time to upgrade buildings.
  • East asia has the best fishing boats in the game.
  • It takes less time to make extra workers (just in case you need them).

Europian Wonder


  • Very expensive.
  • Takes a lot of time to upgrade buildings.
  • Requires shishing boat upgrades.
  • It takes a lot more time ot make extra workers.

Fastest Rush to Wonder

The Fastest Way

First thing you always do when you join the match is queue up a bunch of workers, place a house and a warehouse next your berries.

The first worker wich comes out is used to make houses (in some cases people might use the second worker, not a big deal).

Make around 14 houses as you wont need 60 pop.

When you have 30 workers, start making a temple, queue up asia when you hit 34-36 workers (it takes 90 seconds to reach asia, and 9 seconds to make a single worker therefore you will have 44-46 workers.

But why not 50?

Upgrading your buildings takes time while your buildings are upgrading you can make around 6 workers what is going to save time.

I like taking the berries upgrade but some people prefer bot to.

Bronze age

  • When you reach bronze, you upgrade all the workers you can while queuing up 2-3 more workers in your temple.
  • Instantly send 6-10 workers on your iron/copper deposit as it takes iron only to go up to iron age.
  • When you run out of berries make a poultry yard for foood and a dock if you can to make fishing boats.

Iron age

  • When you reach Iron age instantly queue up west or east.
  • Dont take any dock upgrades or warehouses (if you dont ofc go west, if you do take the dock upgrade).
  • Before reaching medieval delete all the unnecessary warehouses.


  • When you reach medieval queue up few workers and upgrade all of the workers you have, upgrade all of your warehouses and docks.
  • Then upgrade all the houses you can, delete the ones you cant upgrade.
  • Queue late medieval and just tech up.

Industrial Revolution

  • Its ok to be broke, if you want the fastest run you will be broke all the time.
  • But if you have too much of something (lets say iron) move 2-5 workers off iron onto a recource you are lacking.
  • And here you have it, on eof the fastest runs to wonder you can imagine.

Good Eco Wonder Rush

Stone Age and Bronze Age

First part is for Asia only.

  • First part is the same as for the fastest way except you make 10 more workers.
  • When you reach bronze age upgrade 25 workers (lets say you are at 55 workers, therefore upgrade 25 workers snd queue up 5 more workerd).
  • Make a poultry yard and send 30 stone age workers of yourth to work there.

  • Get 6-10 workers on iron and queue up iron age.
  • Dont forget to kill your scout for extra population.

Iron Age

  • Make all the warehouses upgrades.
  • After reaching iron age queue up the population upgrade and make docks for fish.
  • After your research is done make fishing boats and queue up medieval.
  • Dont take any boat upgrades unless you are going West Asia.
  • Before reaching medieval delete useless warehouses.
  • And upgrade 10 extra workers.


  • After reaching Medieval upgrade all workers you can, upgrade your warehouses and all houses you can, the ones you cant should be deleted
  • East Asia: If you have a lot of fish there is no need to keep any workers on a farm
  • If you have a lot of fish you can leave only 5-10 workers on your farm

Industrial Revolution

  • There is no point in upgrading your boats if you are Europe or East Asia.
  • Unless your West asia, you need to delete few of your bronze age boats and replacing them with industrial age ones.
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