War Selection – Beginner Guide

I write this guide, because its not a tutorial in the game so far and in the most visited Guide only is “idk lol”. Thats perhaps funny but not helpful. So I try to help guys, which are new in the game or, whats really harder, are new in the genre RTS.

General Guide Rules

When I started with the game, I wish to have some advice they prevent the first embarrassing defeats, but I don´t have it. So I try to make the start easier for beginners and improve their play.

If I seems to be arrogant, then only because I try to make the guide ironically, it´s not seriously.

War Selection is a classic RTS- Game, similar to Age of Empire or Rise of Nations. So its easy to learn and hard to master. I don’t master it. I only show you some things, that be helpful for me and possibly for you.

All Advice are mainly for the everyone against everyone mode.

General Advice

Choose Your Strategy

There are two ways to win, kill all or build a wonder. Choose what you want to do before you start the game. Winners have a plan.

If you want to kill all you must try to rush them, don´t wait for the last Age to do something, mostly you fail by doing that.

If you want to build a Wonder, play def, prepare your base. All remanining players will attack you. Probably you must oppose several armys at the same time. Choose West Europe or Asia to do that and built a lot´s of towers.

What Faction Should I Choose?

At first I don´t like the Asian Factions, they have some advantages like really cheap houses, what is great especially at the start. But they have also a huge disadvantage, they must wait to recruit Units. So they can´t use the building list of military building effectively. You always must click the building to see what units you can recruit. If you like Micro-management it´s not a problem. 

Europe has two interesting ways:

If you play for a Wonder go West and use their Walls and Towers to prepare.
If you try to rush go East, they do have walls and they don´t need it, because they can easy recruit strong infantry. You may have noticed that’s my way.

Def Your Base in All Ages

Some player think they can wait to recruit an army until the late Medieval Age or the Industrial age.

Big mistake, unless you have stockpile a lot of resources to build fast towers, but that´s don´t help often. You need a army in all Ages, even the Stoneage under certain circumstances.

On the left at the top you see the Size of your Territory. If you have more then 1500 Stone Time rushes are very unlikely.

  • If you have 1000 a rush can happen, but if you go fast bronze age you can face them with much better units.
  • If you have a Territory near 500 you are really close to other players. An aggressiv Player try to rush you in Stone Age and you should try it also, because you need Territory for collecting resources.

In the Bronze Age and Iron Age an aggresive player next to you will attack you. You need a Def plan, do not only have 5-10 Stone Age units, they are not enough. He can easily wipe you of with 10-20 Spearman.

Don’t fight with workers. Even a Stone Age Warrior is three times stronger then a worker. You only kill your economy by doing that. At Best in an emergency you only build fast tower with them, they are much better to def your base or just have an Army.

Change Fast Age

Don´t stay to long in a Age. The quality difference is huge between units of differend Ages. Even a simpel Bronze Age spearmen is clear stronger then the best Stone Time unit. Unit Tech and Resources Tech don’t benefit you the whole game. For Example a Bronze Age and Iron Age Tech don´t have an Effect in the Medieval Ages. Some Tech you must skip to are faster in the next age. Find a good balance.

Try a Rush Strategy

You must rush at all Ages, but the most players you get in the bronze and Iron Age with 10-25 spearmen, they are easy kill all workers, kav and Stone Age Units. You always get one Player with this method.

The Best Faction to rush so far in the Medieval Ages is Easteurope. They have a simpel Access to a strong infantry unit the Pernach, I call it the walking death :D. They are slow and have a low attack rate, but they have 35 attack, incomparably high in the Medival Age. 40-50 of them can take out a player in these Age.

Don´t use Kav in the early game. The Most player have Spearmen and counter you easy.

It is not necessary to kill all units, if you see the Main Building of a player go for it. You can destroy it before the play can react. If you can´t take him out with the first Wave kill so many workers you can, harm is economy and take him out with the second or third Wave.

Animals are Crazy

Why should a bear, a tiger, a boar and a mammoth work together to kill your units?

I don´t no but they will.

There are only 2 reasons for dying in the first 5 min: lost connection and kill by animal.

Be careful with scouting a the start. Do not attract mammoth and lead them to your Base.

10 Warriors are enough to deal with the most animal attacks, but pay attention to the number of attackers. Don´t try to kill a mammoth only with workers, you maybe win but under large losses.

Note Border Changes

Maybe you lost some territory by changing borders. If you build near the border, you lost that buildings, if it´s not on your territory anymore. Exception is the main building, your borders align themselves afterwards.

Take care of short walks for your workers.

Upgrade is expensive, don´t waste resources.

It´s not necessary to upgrade all buildings of the past age.

For example it is better to build new houses of the age and let the old originally.

Written by T.T

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